'Tis: A Memoir Short Answer Test - Answer Key

Frank McCourt
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1. How old was Frank's brother Alfie when he banged a spoon on the table and chanted, "Tomentin' dreams, tomentin' dreams"?


2. What was the name of the ship that Frank sailed on to America in 1949?

MS Irish Oak.

3. After Frank was at sea for two days, where were the passengers told that they would be going, rather than New York City?


4. How much money did Frank have when he sailed to America in 1949?


5. How many passengers were on the ship with Frank in1949?


6. What book did Frank find in the ship's library to read?

Crime and Punishment.

7. On what ship had a sailor named Owen used to work?

Queen Elizabeth.

8. What type of pie did Frank eat with the priest in Albany, New York?

Lemon meringue.

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