'Tis: A Memoir Character Descriptions

Frank McCourt
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Frank McCourt

This person immigrated from Ireland to New York in 1949, served some time in the U.S. Army, and became a teacher.

Angela McCourt

This person had a difficult life and had to struggle to raise her children after her husband abandoned them.

Alberta 'Mike' Smalls

This person was a Protestant who was raised in Rhode Island by a grandmother.

The Priest

This person was a Catholic who took a young man under his wing and then tried to accost him in a hotel room.


This person was a sailor on the MS Irish Oak who used to serve on the Queen Elizabeth.

Tim Costello

This person owned a bar and sent a young man to the New York Library to read a book about poets.

Tom Clifford

This person took a new border at his boarding house to meet girls at the Rhinelander.

Corporal Dunphy

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