'Tis: A Memoir Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Frank McCourt
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Prologue-Chapter Five

• Frank McCourt had a dream to return to New York, a dream that he believed was only his and not to be shared by his siblings.

• After his siblings told him that they had a right to the dream too, and his mother scolded him, he realized he should be able to share the dream with his brothers.

• In 1949, Frank traveled on the MS Irish Oak, a freighter headed to New York.

• After some schedule changes, the ship docked in Albany rather than New York City.

• Frank was unsure of himself and he was afraid that his bad teeth and eyes would cause people to make fun of him.

• Since he was very shy and unsure of his social skills, he did not socialize much with the passengers and read "Crime and Punishment" on the deck.

• He met a sailor on the ship and discussed Dostoevsky...

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