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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Julian believe about his faith and his sanity?

2. What does Julian confide about a period during his stay at the asylum?

3. What question does Miss Alice ask that shocks Julian?

4. Who does Julian describe as a quiet, plain woman with soft features; one year or so on either side of forty, married to the owner of a dry goods store?

5. What are of the expected variety in a place of this grandeur?

Short Essay Questions

1. Where are Miss Alice and Julian? About what do they discuss?

2. How is Julian's behavior similar to when he was at the asylum?

3. What do the two men wonder about Julian's ability to take what they have to say?

4. How does the scene end?

5. What does the butler say about the wine cellar?

6. Why does Miss Alice say she played this game?

7. Why does the lawyer enter the room?

8. How does this scene end?

9. What had Julian assumed about their departure? What does he now realize?

10. What idea do the two men explore, regarding the Cardinal?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Julian falls in love with Miss Alice.

Part 1) Describe Miss Alice.

Part 2) Why does he fall in love with her?

Part 3) How does his love for her affect his judgment? How might this reflect humanity?

Essay Topic 2

Most of the play takes place in a mansion.

Part 1) Who lives in this mansion? What is odd about this person?

Part 2) How does the decor reflect the mansion's owner?

Part 3) What is the significance of this mansion?

Essay Topic 3

Julian is intrigued by the model of the mansion.

Part 1) Why is the model unique?

Part 2) What do he and the butler discuss, regarding this model?

Part 3) How is this model significant?

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