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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Miss Alice say hello?

2. Why would Julian ask a nurse or one of the attendants, "Could you tell me, did I preach last night?"

3. What species of bird is in the birdcage?

4. What are both the butler and the lawyer, who have known each other for some time, quite eager to do?

5. What does the butler do?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Julian believe?

2. How does the butler act, when he walks in on Miss Alice and the lawyer?

3. What does the lawyer do when he is satisfied with Julian's response?

4. What idea do the two men explore, regarding the Cardinal?

5. Describe Julian's initial encounter with Miss Alice.

6. What does the butler tell Julian about himself? What is Julian's response?

7. Where are Miss Alice and Julian? About what do they discuss?

8. What does the lawyer do when he enters?

9. How does Miss Alice begin to ensnare Julian?

10. About what is Julian astonished?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Julian is intrigued by the model of the mansion.

Part 1) Why is the model unique?

Part 2) What do he and the butler discuss, regarding this model?

Part 3) How is this model significant?

Essay Topic 2

The conspirators choose Julian for a purpose.

Part 1) What is their purpose for him?

Part 2) Why do they choose Julian?

Part 3) How are they able to seduce and trick him? How does this affect him?

Essay Topic 3

The title, Tiny Alice, is significant.

Part 1) Who is Tiny Alice?

Part 2) Why is this title significant? What is her purpose?

Part 3) How does Tiny Alice affect the characters in this story?

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