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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do the men believe surely a hundred-million dollars a year should be enough for one man?
(a) He is not even a priest.
(b) He is not even that attractive.
(c) He has no authority.
(d) He is not very intelligent.

2. What does Julian beg of Miss Alice?
(a) To hold him.
(b) To marry him.
(c) To please stay away from him.
(d) To please not leave him.

3. What does the lawyer do to the butler?
(a) He chastises him.
(b) He glares at him.
(c) He hits him.
(d) He argues with him.

4. To what topic of discomfort does Julian move?
(a) The chance he may leave her.
(b) The excess found in his new life at the estate.
(c) His desire to marry Miss Alice.
(d) His sore muscles from riding.

5. What does Miss Alice say she has done?
(a) Sold her soul to the devil.
(b) Given up on the lawyer.
(c) Nothing wrong.
(d) Tried to obey, tried to understand, she has tried!

6. What do the two men wonder about Julian's mental state?
(a) Is he on medication?
(b) Will he fall on the side of his faith or the asylum?
(c) Will he end up back in the asylum?
(d) Will he attack one of them?

7. What does Julian remember about the Welsh man?
(a) How good he was with horses.
(b) The incredible tufts of black hair on his fingers.
(c) How handsome he was.
(d) The juice his farm produced.

8. What must the lawyer do with their plans for Julian?
(a) Forget about them.
(b) Inform Miss Alice of them.
(c) Warn Julian of them.
(d) Inform the Cardinal of them.

9. What are they discussing as Julian enters the library?
(a) Having him do more work in the wine cellar.
(b) Making him the Parish Priest.
(c) Moving him into quarters over the chapel.
(d) Moving him in with Miss Alice.

10. What does Julian fear?
(a) The chapel.
(b) The lawyer.
(c) Miss Alice.
(d) The model.

11. In what does Miss Alice delight?
(a) Julian's love.
(b) Julian's anger.
(c) Julian's nervousness.
(d) Julian's embarrassment.

12. What does Miss Alice do after the lawyer leaves her?
(a) She cries.
(b) She calls for Julian.
(c) She assumes a more comfortable position on the floor, where she goes into a mantra.
(d) She goes to the chapel to find the men.

13. What does the lawyer think about the relationship that has developed by the wealthy woman and the lay brother?
(a) He does not care.
(b) He is personally and professionally outraged.
(c) He is embarrassed for Miss Alice.
(d) He is intrigued.

14. What does the lawyer say is the true source of her private donation to the church?
(a) Her relationship with the Cardinal.
(b) The selling of her mansion.
(c) Her sexual relationship with Julian.
(d) Her father's inheritance.

15. What does the butler say about the wine cellar?
(a) Essentially they are making some very expensive vinegar.
(b) They are making some of the best wine in the region.
(c) It is beautiful and does not need Julian to care for it.
(d) It is filled with delicious, expensive wine.

Short Answer Questions

1. For what do the lawyer and butler say that Julian has been looking?

2. What has Julian become during his stay at the mansion?

3. How does Miss Alice's behavior change when the lawyer relentlessly pursues her and backs her against a wall?

4. How does this scene open?

5. What does Julian do as he moves to her?

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