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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the lawyer think about the relationship that has developed by the wealthy woman and the lay brother?
(a) He is intrigued.
(b) He is embarrassed for Miss Alice.
(c) He does not care.
(d) He is personally and professionally outraged.

2. What is Julian doing for Miss Alice and the Church?
(a) Embarrassing them.
(b) Serving them.
(c) Abandoning them.
(d) Humiliating them.

3. What has Julian become during his stay at the mansion?
(a) A man.
(b) A nuisance.
(c) A priest.
(d) A tremendous help.

4. Why do the men believe surely a hundred-million dollars a year should be enough for one man?
(a) He is not even a priest.
(b) He is not even that attractive.
(c) He has no authority.
(d) He is not very intelligent.

5. Where is Julian?
(a) In the parlor.
(b) In Miss Alice's sitting room,
(c) In the dining room.
(d) In the garden.

6. What does Miss Alice tell him?
(a) "You are the sweetest man I know..."
(b) "Your sacrifice will be to the church, not to me..."
(c) "You will be hers; you will sacrifice yourself to her..."
(d) "I love you..."

7. What does the butler say as he enters the room?
(a) Julian will no longer be seeing them this evening.
(b) Julian has run away.
(c) Julian does not want to see them.
(d) Julian has left the wine cellar and would be joining them presently.

8. What does Miss Alice do when Julian is still in his dreamlike state, musing on the greatness of sacrifice?
(a) Miss Alice leaves him.
(b) Miss Alice says a prayer for him.
(c) Miss Alice moves behind him, her arms around his neck, and then on his chest, urging him to come to her in his sacrifice.
(d) Miss Alice humiliates him even further.

9. How does Miss Alice's behavior change when the lawyer relentlessly pursues her and backs her against a wall?
(a) She is calm and seems a bit amused at his advances.
(b) She kisses him.
(c) She panics.
(d) She begins to scream.

10. To what does the poem lead?
(a) Miss Alice begging Julian to marry her.
(b) An awkward moment.
(c) Their conversation of early erotic musings and mental imagery of sex play.
(d) A kiss shared between the couple.

11. What do the folds of her negligee mimic?
(a) The wind.
(b) A tarp.
(c) The unfurling of great wings.
(d) The clouds.

12. What does he clearly wonder?
(a) Why he has not proposed yet.
(b) Whether he will ever be a priest.
(c) Why he is there, what is his real purpose there, and why is he being tempted and tested.
(d) Where the other men are.

13. What do the two men explore about Julian?
(a) Whether he can take it as well.
(b) Whether he will stay.
(c) Whether he will go along with the plan.
(d) Whether he will be their sacrifice.

14. What does Miss Alice recite?
(a) A scene from Romeo and Juliet.
(b) A poem she had written.
(c) D.H. Lawrence's Love on the Farm.
(d) Her wedding vows in the form of a poem.

15. What does the butler say when at last he softens?
(a) He will cook him dinner.
(b) They will have Julian very soon now.
(c) He will make up a bed for him.
(d) He will cut fresh flowers for the lawyer.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do they all peer into the model?

2. To whom is he talking?

3. In what does Miss Alice delight?

4. What does the butler pretend?

5. What does Julian beg of Miss Alice?

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