Objects & Places from Tinkers

Paul Harding
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Living Room

This space in George's home has been converted into a bedroom area for George as he lies dying in the novel.


These objects fill George's home. After his retirement, George began repairing these items for a living.


This is the book that George believes his grandson has been reading to him.

Wooden Stick

This object is placed in Howard's mouth when he suffers from epileptic seizures to prevent him from biting or swallowing his tongue.


This is the vehicle that Howard Crosby drives for a living. Within it, there are a variety of supplies which Howard sells.

Pink Sponges on Sticks

These items from the hospital are used to moisten George's mouth and allow him to drink in his dehydrated state.

Grocery Store

When Howard arrives in Philadelphia, he starts working at this business.

Canning Factory

George's second wife Megan works at this...

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