Tinkers Character Descriptions

Paul Harding
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George Washington Crosby

This protagonist in Tinkers is dying in a hospital bed in his home when the novel begins. He grew up in a poor family but earned an engineering degree and became a math teacher.

Howard Crosby

This character is the protagonist's father and suffers from epilepsy. In the 1920s, he drives a wagon, peddling various supplies and items. When his wife is planning to commit him to an asylum, he leaves his family and never returns.

Kathleen Crosby

This unhappy character is the protagonist's mother. She intends to have her husband committed to an asylum due to his epileptic fits and after he has bit his son's hand during one of the seizures.


This character is the protagonist's sister visiting from Florida. She is emotional and asthmatic.

Joe Crosby

This character is the protagonist's mentally disabled younger brother.

Megan Finn

This character marries the protagonist's...

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