Tinkers Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Paul Harding
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Chapter 1, Part 1 (pages 1-35)

• Tinkers is a Pulitzer Prize winning novel by American author Paul Harding.

• As Chapter 1 opens, George Washington Crosby is lying in a hospital bed inside of his own house dying; he hallucinates as his family surrounds him.

• George built and fixed his house all his life, and he imagines what it would be like if the house collapsed; in George's mind, he is now sitting in the wreckage of the collapsed house.

• George thinks back on his father who drove a wagon for a living, delivering supplies and picking things up for the various town folk, about seventy years earlier.

• As George dies, his life passes before his eyes but not in any logical or controllable order.

• One hundred and sixty-eight hours before George dies, he remembers sneaking into the church to ring the church bell, learning engineering, teaching math, getting married, having and...

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