Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How does Bill Roach feel about himself as the novel opens?

Bill Roach has feelings of inadequacy. He blames himself for his parents' divorce and tries very hard to please people because he is insecure.

2. Why does Control stop working with the Circus?

Control is fired from the Circus. He loses his job because of a Czech affair where a man was killed and the story appeared in the newspapers.

3. Why does Smiley memorize cars in his London neighborhood?

Smiley memorizes details about the cars parked on his block out of paranoia. He does not know when an enemy may come after him. He also considers memorization as a mental exercises to keep his mind alert in retirement.

4. What does Guilliam tell Smiley about how British intelligence operates in his absence?

Guilliam explains to Smiley that the organization is now based on lateralism under the control of London Station. Bill Haydon is the head of London Station with Roy Bland being the number two man.

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