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This is a boys' prep school located near Taunton, England.


This is where most of the action in the novel takes place. This is where George Smiley lives and British Intelligence is located.

The Circus

This is the name used to refer to British Intelligence because of its location.

Bywater Street

Smiley's London house is located on this road.


A schoolhouse in this area serves as the headquarters for the scalp-hunters.

Hong Kong

A Soviet trade delegation visits this city. Boris, one of the members of the delegation, attracted the attention of the British resident agent here.

Dzerhinsky Square

The KGB headquarters is located here.


This is the name used to designate the Cabinet Office and the British government.


This is where Oliver Lacon lives and where Smiley is summoned to a meeting and told of the possibility of a highly placed mole...

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