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Essay Topic 1

The novel opens and closes with Jim Prideaux teaching at Thursgood's, even though George Smiley is arguably the main character. What do you think framing the story with Jim represents? Why do you think the story opens and closes at the school?

Essay Topic 2

Explore the character Bill Roach. Why do you think he plays such a large role in Jim's part of the story? What does he represent? Do you think it is important that he share a first name with Haydon?

Essay Topic 3

Explore Smiley's dedication to British intelligence. Why do you think he goes back to help the Circus find the mole? Why do you think he goes to back to head the Circus temporarily after the ordeal is over? What does this decision say about him? What do you think will happen when he goes back?

Essay Topic 4

Explore the relationship between...

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