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Short Answer Questions

1. What nationality is the newsboy?

2. What is the Arab's stock reply to almost everything?

3. Why does Joe give Tom a nickel?

4. Who is the girl that Dudley wants to marry?

5. Which of the following characteristics does not describe Tom?

Short Essay Questions

1. What job does Nick agree to pay Wesley to do?

2. What is it that Tom wants to ask Joe and what prompts his need to ask?

3. What are Elsie and Dudly's perspectives on loving without pain?

4. How is Dudley described in Act 1?

5. Who is the old man and how does he ingratiate himself into the activities at the bar?

6. How does the usually skeptical Joe know that Tom and Kitty love each other?

7. How does Tom behave when he discovers Kitty is a prostitute?

8. What effect does Elsie have on Dudley when he finally sees her?

9. What are some of the outrageous stories that Kit tells about his life?

10. What is the setting for Act 1 of THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The marble machine almost becomes a character in the book because it plays such an important role in the story. Explain how an inanimate object can be a character in a story and how the marble machine "interacted" with the "other" characters. Cite three examples to support your claim.

Essay Topic 2

What is the role of Nick's daughter? What is the role of Nick's mother? Why does the author insert them into the story especially in such limited ways? Is this the author's way of exploring Nick's character through his reactions to them? Explain.

Essay Topic 3

The theme of evolution of character is an important one in this story. Describe how it extends through setting, character and issues and provide examples for each.

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