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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Krupp?
(a) An electrician.
(b) A baker.
(c) A police officer.
(d) The mayor.

2. What are the initials on the bag of a woman Joe is fixated on?
(a) M.J.
(b) M.M.
(c) M.l.
(d) M.E.

3. How did Joe save Tom's life?
(a) Fed him chicken soup when he was ill.
(b) Rescued him from a fire.
(c) Intervened in a mugging.
(d) Gave him a kidney.

4. What does Joe make Tom do while the music plays?
(a) Whistle.
(b) Sit and listen.
(c) Dance.
(d) Sing.

5. For what reason does Tom uncharacteristically admonish Joe?
(a) For driving too fast.
(b) For taking too many medications.
(c) For wearing white after Labor Day.
(d) For always doing foolish things.

6. What is the name of the horse that Joe claims to have won?
(a) Precious Moment.
(b) Just In Time.
(c) Just Precious.
(d) Precious Time.

7. What is the letter on the front of Willie's sweater?
(a) F.
(b) O.
(c) S.
(d) G.

8. What game does Willie love to play?
(a) Pac-Man.
(b) Marble game.
(c) Baseball.
(d) Poker.

9. Who is Murphy?
(a) A traveling salesman.
(b) A vagrant.
(c) A beer salesman.
(d) An old trapper.

10. What nationality is the newsboy?
(a) Polish.
(b) Italian.
(c) Greek.
(d) German.

11. Harry wants Nick to hire him as a ________________.
(a) Bartender.
(b) Comedian.
(c) Disc jockey.
(d) Grill cook.

12. How does Willie acknowledge people?
(a) Whistles.
(b) Tips his hat.
(c) Salutes with one finger.
(d) Gives a little wave.

13. Why is Wesley so excited when he returns to the bar?
(a) He is accepted at the college he really wants to attend.
(b) Nick is going to pay him to play the piano.
(c) His home loan was approved.
(d) His girlfriend has come back.

14. Which of the following does not describe Tom?
(a) Slight.
(b) Childish face.
(c) Very large.
(d) Cowering.

15. What type of performer was Kitty at one time?
(a) Singer.
(b) Magician.
(c) Cellist.
(d) Burlesque.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Harry think his purpose is in the world?

2. What is the woman's first name?

3. Although the men in the bar think Harry is a good dancer, they are less enthusiastic about his ______________ skills.

4. Why does Joe decide to unexpectedly accompany Tom to see Kitty?

5. Why does Blick threaten to close down Nick's bar?

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