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Act 1

• The play opens at Nick's Pacific Street Saloon Restaurant and Entertainment Palace in San Francisco, California.

• Nick, the owner of the place, is a big red haired Italian who is currently engrossed in the racing form.

• An Arab with an intense look sits in his usual place.

• A young man named Willie bursts into the bar, gulps down a beer and proceeds to the marble machine where he hopes to win.

• A newsboy enters the bar and no one buys a paper with the exception of a patron named Joe who buys all the boy's papers.

• The Arab looks at one of the newspapers and gives his stock answer to everything: "No foundation all the way down the line."

• Joe call out for someone named Tom but gets no answer.

• Tom, a large, childish looking man, enters and stands before Joe, waiting to be chastised.

• Joe questions...

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