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Short Answer Questions

1. How long does Kolya talk?

2. What does Eumenes do?

3. What is considered to be Alexander's 'boating lake?'

4. What does the eye do to Seeker and Grasper?

5. The British are trained to follow what?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Bisesa believe that causality has broken down?

2. Why does Kolya wish he could keep talking with Casey? Why is this?

3. Why does Josh attempt to comfort Bisesa? What is he willing to do?

4. Why does Ruddy volunteer to help Bisesa at the makeshift hospital? How does Ruddy actually like the job?

5. How does the lack of people in the city of Babylon unnerve everyone who enters the city?

6. What kinds of things does the Eye compel Seeker and Grasper to do?

7. What does Bisesa finally tell Ruddy what will happen to him later in life?

8. What is Josh's idea regarding the animal kingdom of Mir?

9. What does the Firstborn intend to do and why? What is the objective of the Discontinuity?

10. What does Kolya explain and what is the Mongol's reaction?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the Firstborn's idea with fragmenting time. What do they hope to accomplish? Are they successful? Why or why not? In what ways could they have achieved the same affect and not destroyed the world as the humans know it?

Essay Topic 2

Bisesa pleads with the eye, explaining that she had "done all they asked." What kinds of things regarding Bisesa's relationship with Josh, the conflict between Bisesa and Sable, and the continued study of the eye might have been at the Eye's behest? What leads you to believe this?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss Josh's love for Bisesa. Is it infatuation of youth or the seasoned experience of true love? How can you tell? What things give it away?

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