Time's Eye Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How is the land different to Seeker?

Although Seeker does not have a long-term memory, the land seems oddly different to her. She has noticed that there is more green yesterday and there is more forest in the hills in the distance. The Seeker also thinks that there has been water in an arid gully nearby.

2. What is strange about the sphere to Seeker?

The thing that is strange about the sphere to Seeker is its ability to hang in the air unsupported. It is also shiny enough to show her reflection. The sphere is strange and therefore to be feared. Although it does not attack her in anyway, it is still strange.

3. Why is the ride in the Bird uncomfortable?

The ride in the Bird is uncomfortable due to the age of the aircraft. The cabin reeks of hydraulic fluid and engine oil and every metal surface is scuffed from use. The inadequately padded seating in the rear of the chopper is held together by duct tape and the noise overhead from the rotors is shattering despite the heavily padded helmets.

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