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Lesson 1 (from Part One, Discontinuity: Chapters 1 - 3)


Seeker is described as the first true biped. The objective of this lesson is to take a closer look at the evolutionary chain and how it relates to us.


1) Have each student look up the words "biped" in the dictionary. Have them write explain what constitutes a biped, and list as many types of bipeds as they can.

2) Initiate a class discussion on the evolution of man from ape? Discuss how Time's Eye brings that branch of evolution into focus for the 'castaways.' Discuss the reasons evolution occurs.

3) Have each student discuss the ways in which life for humans would have been different had we not evolved into bipeds?

4) In essay form, describe how evolution progressed from the stage of Seeker to Grasper, then from Grasper to human. What sets them apart from the rest?

5) For homework, discuss amazing feats done by mothers whose...

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