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Thespians Among Us

Have each student enact a chapter or enact one with a group.


Recreate a costume from Alexander's era.

Add Your Own Chapter Ending

Have each student add their own chapter to the end.

Babylonian Bisesa

Have each student explain what might happen if Bisesa stays.

The Evolutionary Picture Book

Have each student create a pictorial time line according to Darwin's theories.

Love Spanning the Centuries

Hypothesize how Josh will convince the eye to let him go forward and how he will find Bisesa.

No Monkeying Around

Have each student explain what is likely to happen in Seeker and Grasper's future.

Time Heals All Wounds

Create a new love interest for Josh out of characters from history such as Helen of Troy or Persephone. Explain how they meet.

Birdy, Birdy, Fly Away Home!

Draw a picture of the Little Bird.

Alexander The Great and Bisesa

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