Time's Eye Character Descriptions

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The Firstborn

This is a technologically advanced and ancient race with the ability to bend time.

Bisesa Dutt

This is a headstrong character who is also a Lieutenant and has a daughter.

Abdikadir Omar

This is a character that discovers the ratio of the Eyes is not Pi.

Joshua White

This is a character who is gentle and a journalist from the 1800s that becomes enamored with a twenty-first century woman.

Rudyard Kipling

This character overcomes a squeamishness for blood and dies at the hands of a twenty-first century woman.

Casey Othic

This character is the only friend that the cosmonaut believes he has.

Sable Jones

This is a shrewd and unstable woman who joins forces with the Mongols.

Anatole Konstantinovich Krivalapov (Kolya)

This is a character who commits an act of treason against Khan and eventually kills him.

Musa Khiromanovich Ivanov

This is a veteran cosmonaut who...

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