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Part One, Discontinuity: Chapters 1 - 3

• Seeker is one of the first true bipeds on early earth

• She thinks of her infant as Grasper although they do not have an actual language.

• Curiosity sets her apart from the rest and when she discovers a floating sphere, she examines it

• Her child suddenly shrieks as she has been restrained in netting and when Seeker tries to defend her, she is clubbed unconscious.

• Bisesa 'knows' it is the year 2037 and she is in a helicopter with two others on a mission with a mandate to observe, search, and rescue.

• Unexpected turbulence tosses them around while on the ground, Moallim runs for the foxhole he prepared earlier that has an RPG.
• Journalists Josh and Ruddy are special correspondents sent to file color reports from the North West Frontier in what they believe is 1885.

• A great deal of excitement surrounds the appearance of...

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