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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the narrator think when he sees the rail station at Treblinka?
(a) He thinks it is a movie set.
(b) He thinks it is a centerpiece of the Final Solution.
(c) He thinks it is a fake to deceive the Polish Jews.
(d) He thinks it is a progressive medical facility.

2. The narrator says that he loves Herta as much as whom?
(a) Uncle Pepi.
(b) Odilo Unverdorben.
(c) Irene.
(d) The Jews.

3. How long does Odilo Unverdorben work in the Waffen Secret Service?
(a) Five months.
(b) Four months.
(c) One month.
(d) Three months.

4. How does the narrator feel about Odilo Unverdorben's father?
(a) He cannot forgive Odilo's father for killing him.
(b) He is happy about returning to a healthy, strong man.
(c) He looks forward to returning into the father's body as sperm.
(d) He is afraid that the father hates Odilo.

5. What is Odilo Unverdorben's reasoning for visiting prostitutes?
(a) He says that he loves the human body and all living things.
(b) He is despairing for the failure of his marriage.
(c) He is intoxicated with his power.
(d) He wants to be soothed for the horror of his work.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Odilo Unverdorben's mother's job?

2. Where does the narrator think Odilo Unverdorben's unit ferries Jews to and from?

3. In what condition is Auschwitz when the narrator thinks Odilo Unverdorben arrives there?

4. Where do the bodies come from that the narrator thinks are rejuvenated in the back of the vans?

5. What does the narrator think Odilo Unverdorben's mother will do when Odilo returns into her body?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the irony of the narrator's impression of Odilo Unverdorben's relationship with Jews.

2. Describe Herta's feelings about Auschwitz.

3. Describe Odilo Unverdorben's courtship of Herta.

4. The narrator and Uncle Pepi both see the work at Auschwitz as 100% successful. How does their agreement, from such different viewpoints, affect the reader?

5. Describe the irony of the narrator thinking that Odilo Unverdorben and Herta are taking apart baby furniture and un-sewing baby clothes.

6. How does the killing change from Schless-Hartheim to Auschwitz?

7. How does the narrator's relationship with Herta progress?

8. Describe the narrator's relationship with Odilo Unverdorben's father.

9. What is the narrator's last experience before he dies?

10. Describe Odilo Unverdorben's relationship with his mother.

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