Time's Arrow Character Descriptions

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Odilo Unverdorben / Hamilton de Souza / John Young / Tod Friendly

This character emigrates to America and works hard as a doctor, trying to forget things from the past.

The Narrator

This character understands reverse speech but fails to interpret the meaning of backwards actions.

Uncle Pepi (Josef Mengele)

This character seems to have the godlike ability to recreate people from ashes, bodies, and even spare parts.

Reverend Nicholas Kreditor

This character sends postcards that describe the weather as sunny or stormy.

Adolf Eichmann

This character is responsible for the efficiency in which millions of Jews were moved to concentration camps from 1942-1944.


This character suffers poor self-esteem as a result of remaining in a relationship with a womanizer.


This character walks away from a marriage after seeing the medical experiments taking place at Auschwitz.

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