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This event is a writers' retreat located on Point Zion in Rhode Island.

Planet Booboo

This location is a setting in one of Kilgore Trout's short stories.

American Academy of Arts and Letters

Trout throws his short stories away in a wire trash receptacle outside this location.

Former Museum of the American Indian

This building becomes a homeless shelter next door to the Academy.

American Humanist Association

The author gives a talk to this group of people regarding the passing of Isaac Asimov, a famous science fiction writer.

Joy's Pride

This character is the name of the bomber that, in one of Kilgore Trout's stories, leaves an island to drop a third atomic bomb on Okinawa.


This is the game that the Nazi officers play with the children in Hitler's bunker at the end of World War II.

Trash Receptacle

This dispensary is located outside the...

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