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Short Answer Questions

1. In what type of clothing is the group of figures the Time Traveler sees clad?

2. What is the name of the housekeeper?

3. Where does the Time Traveler store the object(s) he removes from the time machine?

4. What color is the animal the Time Traveler sees in the night on the way to look for his missing time machine?

5. At what time of day does the time machine begin its day, according to the Time Traveler?

Short Essay Questions

1. According to the Time Traveler, what happened when he sat in the Time Machine and pressed the lever?

2. What does the Time Traveler see and experience as he approaches his original time period?

3. Describe the Time Traveler's appearance when he suddenly arrives during the second dinner.

4. What does the Time Traveler discover about the Palace?

5. How does the Time Traveler describe the way the language of the Eloi sound?

6. What are the Eloi doing when the Time Traveler first enters the great hall?

7. What happens to Weena in the forest fire?

8. What are some of the reasons the Time Traveler is beginning to think of the future as a Golden Age or utopia, in Chapter 5?

9. Why does the Time Traveler begin to share the Eloi's fear of the dark?

10. Describe the historical (and technological) setting of this novel.

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

This novel features both a narrator, who tells the story to the reader, and an internal narrator--the Time Traveler--who relates his story to the narrator. Analyze the narrative strategies Wells uses to tell this story, including specific analysis of voice, distance, and access to and flow of information. Be sure to consider the issue of reliability on the part of both of the narrators: does the reader believe the narrator? Does the narrator believe the Time Traveler? What kinds of proof and evidence does each provide? Who has access to what kinds of information.

Essay Topic 2

Both the Eloi and the Morlock live in communist societies. Describe what makes these societies "communist" or communal, using textual examples. Determine what you think Wells's opinions of communism might have been. What do you think he wanted his readers to think and feel about communism?

Essay Topic 3

While some critics argue that the Morlocks represent the future of the working class and the Eloi the future of the elite classes, there are also many other characters in the novel who actually are middle and upper class. Describe briefly the analysis of social power dynamics represented by the science fiction elements evidence in the Morlock and the Eloi. Then consider two or three of the characters who are middle class--the Time Traveler, the Medical Man, the Editor, or the Psychologist--and analyze to what extent these characters offer a critique of their own on the social class they represent. You may also consider, if you wish, why none of the onscreen characters are representative of the working class.

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