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Short Answer Questions

1. How does the Time Traveler attempt to communicate the concept of time to the first Eloi he meets?

2. Why does the Time Traveler remove something from the machine when he meets the Eloi and prepares to leave the machine?

3. Which of the characters actually operates the model of the time machine?

4. At what time of day does the time machine begin its day, according to the Time Traveler?

5. Whom did the narrator meet on Friday at the Linnaeum?

Short Essay Questions

1. When the Time Traveler started the fire, was his response to the danger of the Morlocks instinctual or intellectual? Explain your claim.

2. Describe the point of view of the book's first two chapters.

3. In addition to the flowers, what other piece of tangible, physical evidence seems to offer some proof to the dinner guests that the Time Traveler may have actually traveled in time?

4. What is the Editor's reactions when the Time Traveler tells him and the other guests of his journey?

5. Describe the plan the Time Traveler comes up with to recover his time machine and escape back to the past.

6. What leads the Time Traveler to believe that his time machine has been taken into the White Sphinx?

7. Describe the state of the time machine when the Time Traveler finally finds it in the base of the White Sphinx?

8. Describe the Time Traveler's appearance when he suddenly arrives during the second dinner.

9. How much time has passed for the Time Traveler? How does this compare to the amount of time that he says has passed for the guests?

10. How does the forest fire start?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

One example of the "devolution" is the social Darwinism that forces changes in humanity. Describe what social forces Wells was describing in this novel and how he thought they might help humans "devolve." How does Wells fictionalize these social forces in this science fiction? What are the speculative elements he uses to symbolize and explore these social forces and their effects?

Essay Topic 2

This novel features both a narrator, who tells the story to the reader, and an internal narrator--the Time Traveler--who relates his story to the narrator. Analyze the narrative strategies Wells uses to tell this story, including specific analysis of voice, distance, and access to and flow of information. Be sure to consider the issue of reliability on the part of both of the narrators: does the reader believe the narrator? Does the narrator believe the Time Traveler? What kinds of proof and evidence does each provide? Who has access to what kinds of information.

Essay Topic 3

During the intense action scenes in the future, the Time Traveler's actions symbolize both his instinctual as well as his intellectual capabilities. Describe, using examples, how Wells communicates the Time Traveler's instincts as well as his intellect. Which does Wells consider more important, do you think? Which does the Time Traveler consider more important?

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