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Short Answer Questions

1. What does the first Eloi appear to be wearing on his feet?

2. What is the "trick" the Medical Man says the Time Traveler showed them last Christmas?

3. In which direction is the Palace of Green Porcelain?

4. What adjective does the Time Traveler use to describe the hair color of the Morlocks?

5. Which of the characters reads the note left by the Time Traveler?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does the Time Traveler believe that the Eloi did not need intellect?

2. What finally convinces the narrator himself of the truth of the Time Traveler's story at the end of the novel?

3. What happens after the Time Traveler mimics the clap of thunder that accompanied his arrival in Chapter 4?

4. What does the Time Traveler find in the hall labeled Chemistry and how does it help him?

5. When the Time Traveler started the fire, was his response to the danger of the Morlocks instinctual or intellectual? Explain your claim.

6. What kind of humans, according to the Time Traveler, must have been the source of the Morlocks? Why did they evolve the way they did?

7. Inside the dark tunnel he explores in the Palace, the Time Traveler finds a carcass. What is it and what does this carcass foreshadow?

8. Why does the Time Traveler take the lever out of the time machine when he lands in the far future?

9. What do the people the Time Traveler meets in the far future in Chapter 3 look like?

10. What kind of food does the Time Traveler particularly crave when he returns?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

This novel relies on systems of symbols, one of which is the use of light and dark. What ideas, feelings, and conflicts are symbolized by light, and which by dark? On the language level, what are the major strategies Wells uses to convey these symbols? Be sure to consider setting, characterization, figurative language, dialogue, point of view, etc.

Essay Topic 2

One example of the "devolution" is the social Darwinism that forces changes in humanity. Describe what social forces Wells was describing in this novel and how he thought they might help humans "devolve." How does Wells fictionalize these social forces in this science fiction? What are the speculative elements he uses to symbolize and explore these social forces and their effects?

Essay Topic 3

While some critics argue that the Morlocks represent the future of the working class and the Eloi the future of the elite classes, there are also many other characters in the novel who actually are middle and upper class. Describe briefly the analysis of social power dynamics represented by the science fiction elements evidence in the Morlock and the Eloi. Then consider two or three of the characters who are middle class--the Time Traveler, the Medical Man, the Editor, or the Psychologist--and analyze to what extent these characters offer a critique of their own on the social class they represent. You may also consider, if you wish, why none of the onscreen characters are representative of the working class.

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