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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the Time Traveler smoking?

2. Why, does the Time Traveler imagine, the Eloi all want to touch him?

3. Of what foodstuff does the diet of the Eloi consist?

4. What allows him to escape the Morlocks?

5. How was the archway into the great hall of the Eloi decorated?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the Time Traveler discover about the Morlocks that allows him to escape the three of them in the tunnel?

2. Why does the Time Traveler take the lever out of the time machine when he lands in the far future?

3. Why are the characters primarily represented by the name of their profession rather than their actual names?

4. Describe the point of view that takes over the story in Chapter 3?

5. Describe the Time Traveler's reaction to the fact that his machine has been moved into the White Sphinx; what action does he undertake, if any, to recover the machine?

6. What is the Editor's reactions when the Time Traveler tells him and the other guests of his journey?

7. What does the Time Traveler discover about the Palace?

8. What leads the Time Traveler to believe that his time machine has been taken into the White Sphinx?

9. What do the people the Time Traveler meets in the far future in Chapter 3 look like?

10. Why does the Time Traveler begin to share the Eloi's fear of the dark?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Both the Eloi and the Morlock live in communist societies. Describe what makes these societies "communist" or communal, using textual examples. Determine what you think Wells's opinions of communism might have been. What do you think he wanted his readers to think and feel about communism?

Essay Topic 2

Two kinds of science fiction worlds are utopias and dystopias. Define these terms. Using examples from this novel, identify which speculative elements are utopian and which are dystopic. How does Wells play with these two kinds of science fiction worlds? Finally, offer your opinion: do you consider this novel utopian, dystopian, or something else? Be specific.

Essay Topic 3

One of the most prominent symbolic systems Wells employs in this novel is the relationship between the Eloi and the Morlock. Define and describe this relationship, using examples from the text. Be sure to include the way it works on a literal level as well as on a symbolic one.

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