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Short Answer Questions

1. What shape are the tables in the Time Traveler's room?

2. In which direction is the Palace of Green Porcelain?

3. Which part of the Time Traveler's body has a half-healed cut on it when he returns to the second dinner?

4. In which point of view is Chapter 2 told?

5. Which battle does the Psychologist mention, when the men speak of traveling in history to see past battles?

Short Essay Questions

1. According to the Time Traveler, what happened when he sat in the Time Machine and pressed the lever?

2. After the Time Traveler escapes the Morlocks and starts traveling farther into the future, what does he notice about the sun?

3. Why does the Time Traveler think the Morlocks started eating Eloi?

4. What happens to Weena in the forest fire?

5. When the Earth is in perpetual twilight, the air thin and hard to breathe, and the sun is huge and red, what are the only two animals/creatures The Time Traveler sees? What do they look like?

6. What does the Time Traveler discover about the Morlocks that allows him to escape the three of them in the tunnel?

7. What does the Time Traveler see when he stops the machine in the far future in Chapter 3?

8. Describe the state of the time machine when the Time Traveler finally finds it in the base of the White Sphinx?

9. What does the Time Traveler discover about the Palace?

10. Why does the Time Traveler take the lever out of the time machine when he lands in the far future?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

This novel takes what some might consider a pessimistic view of the role science plays in modern life. Even though Wells's narrative takes place in the 19th century, there are many parallels one could draw between the scientific and technical progress discuused in the novel and the explosion of digital technologies in our own time. Using textual examples from Wells, analyze the effects technological developments and innovations are likely to have on humanity. Compare and contrast Wells's predictions of what technological advancement does to humanity with your opinion of the effects of the technological advancements from your own lifetime.

Essay Topic 2

One of the most prominent symbolic systems Wells employs in this novel is the relationship between the Eloi and the Morlock. Define and describe this relationship, using examples from the text. Be sure to include the way it works on a literal level as well as on a symbolic one.

Essay Topic 3

The question of humanity, of what makes a person human, is at the forefront of this novel's play of ideas. Wells posits, perhaps, that there are certain characteristics that define the essence of humanity, which the Morlock and the Eloi have lost. Name and describe these characteristics, using specific examples. You may want to consider specifically his time in the museum, as well as the end of the novel and the epilogue, as well as his first few days with the Eloi.

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