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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does the Time Traveler think that it was not the Eloi who moved the time machine?
(a) He thinks they were busy eating.
(b) He thinks that one of the Eloi has traveled back in time with it.
(c) He thinks they are too weak.
(d) He thinks that the Sphinx came alive and swallowed it.

2. Why is the Time Traveler worried about stopping?
(a) He fears he might damage the time machine and be stuck in the future.
(b) He fears he might hit something.
(c) He fears he might fall off the machine.
(d) He fears he might hurt a passerby.

3. What does the Time Traveler notice about Eloi gender roles?
(a) That males are louder and more graceful than females.
(b) That females are larger and more assertive than males.
(c) That the males bear young.
(d) That there is no real gender difference.

4. What is the "trick" the Medical Man says the Time Traveler showed them last Christmas?
(a) An alien autopsy.
(b) A disappearing rabbit.
(c) A spaceship.
(d) A ghost.

5. What color eyes do the Morlocks have, according to the Time Traveler's first impressions?
(a) Grey-red.
(b) Blue-green.
(c) Black.
(d) Brown-green.

Short Answer Questions

1. What year does the Time Traveler estimate he has traveled to before he actually reports what exact year the machine recorded?

2. What sound does the Time Traveler hear from deep within the shaft?

3. How does the Time Traveler attempt to communicate the concept of time to the first Eloi he meets?

4. To which room do the men retire to hear the Time Traveler's story?

5. Which battle does the Psychologist mention, when the men speak of traveling in history to see past battles?

Short Essay Questions

1. What are the Eloi doing when the Time Traveler first enters the great hall?

2. In addition to the flowers, what other piece of tangible, physical evidence seems to offer some proof to the dinner guests that the Time Traveler may have actually traveled in time?

3. Why does the Time Traveler feel instinctual hatred for and fear of the Morlocks?

4. Describe the guests at the Time Traveler's first dinner party and what they talked about.

5. Describe the Time Traveler's reaction to the fact that his machine has been moved into the White Sphinx; what action does he undertake, if any, to recover the machine?

6. Why does the Time Traveler eventually stop the machine?

7. What does the Time Traveler intend to do with Weena once he recovers the time machine?

8. Why does the Time Traveler begin to share the Eloi's fear of the dark?

9. When the Earth is in perpetual twilight, the air thin and hard to breathe, and the sun is huge and red, what are the only two animals/creatures The Time Traveler sees? What do they look like?

10. According to the Time Traveler, what happened when he sat in the Time Machine and pressed the lever?

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