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Model Making

Make a model of the time machine, out of clay or paper or other found objects. Look up the descriptions in the text and see what you can come up with that would resemble Wells's vision.

From Page to Screen

Watch both of the big screen adaptations of this novel and compare them. Did you like the 1960 version better than the 2002 version? Which one most effectively adapts the novel?

Eloi and Morlock

Come to school dressed as either an Eloi or a Morlock. Be prepared to defend your choice of outfit based on the description of how these people look in the book.

When Would You Like to Visit

Decide when you would like to visit, and write a paragraph imagining what the time period might be like.

Vegetarian Meal

The Eloi are vegetarian, so research vegetarian cuisine and bring in some foods that the Eloi...

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