The Time Machine Character Descriptions

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Blank - This person does not believe the protagonist's story and tells him that he should write stories.

Dash - This person, attending the second dinner, "is more interested in his own stories than those of the Time Traveler."

The Eloi - These people are small, childlike creatures who spend their days playing and lounging.

Filby - This person is described as "an argumentative person with red hair."

Hillyer - This person is the narrator.

Medical Man - This person is one of three guests present at both dinners. Although he takes the protagonist seriously at first, he grows skeptical, believing that they have been tricked, in the first chapter.

The Morlocks - These people have large eyes, white skin, and fur, and are fearful of light and fire.

Provincial Mayor - This person is present at the first dinner and does not appear to know...

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