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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is the transit site for the Yale team?
(a) Just to the east of the tower
(b) On the south each of Castelgard
(c) On the north side of the Dordogne
(d) They cannot pinpoint the site with any certainty

2. How does Kate get into the hallway where the others are being held?
(a) Using a red cube on a guard
(b) Charming a guard
(c) Asking Lady Claire's assistance
(d) Climbing out a window and up a wall

3. What event is happening in Castelgard on the day the Yale team will arrive?
(a) A hanging
(b) A religious holiday
(c) A tournament
(d) A fair

4. Why does de Kere resent the Professor?
(a) Sir Oliver keeps comparing the two men
(b) The woman de Kere wishes to marry is openly interested in the professor
(c) He thinks the Professor intends to usurp de Kere's position
(d) De Kere's wife has flirted with the Professor

5. What does Kate say when Marek tells her about Gomez's nav marker?
(a) She faints
(b) Kate says there is a spare
(c) She shrugs and says to find the Professor before panicking
(d) She starts sobbing and says they are stuck there forever

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Kramer forbid Baretto from taking with him?

2. For what are the three red paper cubes?

3. How far below the earth's surface is the secure travel facility?

4. What does Marek say when Chris decides not to make the trip?

5. What are Doniger, Gordon and Kramer discussing as the group from Yale are waiting in another room?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Claire do just as Chris is being led off for a bath?

2. Short of wearing a wig, what is Kate's only option for disguise?

3. What does Diane Kramer prohibit Victor from doing, and what is his response?

4. What does the maid explain to Chris about Lady Claire?

5. Who comes through the side door from the Abbot's quarters and what is she doing?

6. What does Stern explain to the others while they are riding to Black Rock?

7. What does the Professor whisper to Kate and Marek the minute he sees them?

8. What good news/bad news does Diane Kramer give Doniger?

9. What happens back at ITC after Gordon activates his return?

10. What does Marek notice about the doors as they descend, and what does Gordon explain about them?

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