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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does not surprise Marek about Stern?
(a) He chooses not to go
(b) He is enthusiastic about going
(c) He wants to participate in the games
(d) He wants to take a pistol

2. Why is Lady Claire opposed to the proposed marriage?
(a) She does not believe the intended husband can defend her lands in England
(b) She is in love with someone else
(c) She wants to enter a convent
(d) She thinks her intended is evil

3. How does ITC think they can retrieve the Professor?
(a) Sending just Marek to take the Professor a decoder
(b) They are not sure yet of the best approach to take
(c) Sending a coded message to him
(d) Sending the Yale team after him

4. What does Marek say when Chris decides not to make the trip?
(a) Marek tells him it is his choice
(b) Marek punches him and puts him in a cage
(c) Marek insists Chris goes
(d) Marek says he is a coward

5. Why does Kramer threaten to quit?
(a) When Gordon says he is going to reveal what ITC has been doing
(b) When Doniger attempts to kill Stern with a pistol
(c) When Gordon tells her that Kramer plans to kill Stern and her
(d) When Doniger says he will allow Stern to use the prototype machine

6. What does Kramer suggest was psychologically wrong with Traub?
(a) He was bi-polar
(b) He was suicidal
(c) He was neurotic
(d) He was paranoid

7. What is Doniger's response about Stern's question concerning time paradox?
(a) He says that if they are going back further than fifty years, it is not a problem
(b) He said ITC has built in protections for that
(c) He says that the more primitive a culture is, the harder it is to create a paradox
(d) He dismisses it as a trivial matter

8. What does Lady Claire say of Chris to Sir Oliver?
(a) That Chris is her uncle
(b) That Chris saved her life
(c) That Chris is her cousin
(d) That Chris came from England to bring her a message from the King

9. How does Kate get into the hallway where the others are being held?
(a) Charming a guard
(b) Using a red cube on a guard
(c) Asking Lady Claire's assistance
(d) Climbing out a window and up a wall

10. What enables ITC people to travel to other universes?
(a) Disintegration and re-integration
(b) Fluid drift
(c) Wormholes
(d) Changing the quarks by thought

11. How does the Professor communicate as he is led off in the chapter “Castelgard”??
(a) In French
(b) With hand signals
(c) In German
(d) In a singsong voice to imitate prayer

12. What does Marek say about the fire at the edge of town?
(a) It means the town has fallen
(b) It's a diversion
(c) It is a signal to troops on the North
(d) It is set accidentally and will soon be at the castle

13. What is sent to other universes to enable one to travel there?
(a) A wave of quarks holding instructions
(b) The information making up a person's physical being
(c) A refractory beam
(d) Nothing is sent

14. Where is the transit site for the Yale team?
(a) On the north side of the Dordogne
(b) On the south each of Castelgard
(c) Just to the east of the tower
(d) They cannot pinpoint the site with any certainty

15. What does Marek watch that stuns him in the chapter “Castelgard”?
(a) The practice jousting
(b) A knight having his armor put on
(c) The practice broadsword competition
(d) The pennants flying over the jousting ring

Short Answer Questions

1. For what does the boy thank Chris in the chapter “Castelgard”??

2. What does Chris see that makes him relax in the chapter “Castelgard”?

3. What does the spray can of ethylene dehydrate do?

4. What game are the monks playing?

5. Why does Chris leap off a cliff?

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