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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What event is happening in Castelgard on the day the Yale team will arrive?
(a) A fair
(b) A hanging
(c) A tournament
(d) A religious holiday

2. What does Doniger say to flatter the individuals of the Yale team?
(a) Nothing; he is not interested in flattering them
(b) Something about their future potential
(c) Something about their being handpicked
(d) Something about each of their individual work

3. What does Stern learn about how the travelers are reconstituted?
(a) Nothing; Doniger will not tell him anything
(b) It is done by a machine that the first traveler put in place
(c) It is not ITC that does the reconstituting
(d) It is done by the new quarks each traveler takes

4. Who is Sir Guy de Malegant?
(a) The horseman chasing Chris
(b) One of Sir Oliver's knights
(c) The owner of Castelgard
(d) One of the good knights

5. How does Gordon answer most of Stern's questions?
(a) He tells Stern that his questions will be answered in a briefing that will occur shortly
(b) He refers Stern to a manual
(c) He does not answer them
(d) He has Gomez answer them

6. What does Gomez do with the extra nav marker?
(a) Gives it to Marek
(b) Files it away for future reference
(c) Re-charges it
(d) Burns it

7. Where will the group travel directly from their arrival spot?
(a) The marketplace
(b) The monastery
(c) The castle's main room
(d) The jousting grounds

8. Who does Lady Claire say has been captured?
(a) Sir Oliver
(b) Sir Daniel
(c) The prior
(d) Sir Guy

9. For what are the three red paper cubes?
(a) Extra vaccines
(b) Sustenance
(c) A temporary boost of strength and endurance
(d) Creating a fire

10. What does Chris say he is to Sir Daniel?
(a) An accountant
(b) A scholar
(c) A squire
(d) A messenger

11. Why is Lady Claire reluctant to flee the castle and return to England?
(a) The winter weather has set in
(b) Her son is being held hostage
(c) Her people will be killed
(d) The seer has said she must meet someone at Castelgard

12. What does Lady Claire say of Chris to Sir Oliver?
(a) That Chris saved her life
(b) That Chris came from England to bring her a message from the King
(c) That Chris is her cousin
(d) That Chris is her uncle

13. How many typical computers are required for travel to other universes?
(a) 32 billion
(b) 1 billion
(c) 1 million
(d) 200,000

14. What does Kate say when Marek tells her about Gomez's nav marker?
(a) She starts sobbing and says they are stuck there forever
(b) She shrugs and says to find the Professor before panicking
(c) She faints
(d) Kate says there is a spare

15. For what does the boy thank Chris in the chapter “Castelgard”??
(a) Showing him the cliff
(b) Saving his life
(c) Giving him some food
(d) Not revealing his whereabouts

Short Answer Questions

1. What does it mean when Chris picks up Sir Guy's glove?

2. What explanation horrifies Kate?

3. Who saw the Professor arrive in the chapter “Castelgard”?

4. Why does de Kere resent the Professor?

5. What does Sir Daniel order be done to Chris?

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