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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Stern learn about how the travelers are reconstituted?
(a) It is not ITC that does the reconstituting
(b) Nothing; Doniger will not tell him anything
(c) It is done by a machine that the first traveler put in place
(d) It is done by the new quarks each traveler takes

2. What does Sir Charles attempt on Marek in their battle?
(a) Just barely tapping him
(b) Knocking him to the ground gently
(c) Killing him with a chest blow
(d) A fatal head shot

3. What does Chris learn when they enter a suite of rooms?
(a) The boy who saved Chris is a woman
(b) The boy is Lady Claire's brother
(c) The boy is Lady Claire's son
(d) Lady Claire has been kidnapped

4. By what are Kate and Marek surprised when they enter Castelgard?
(a) The size of Sir Oliver
(b) The richness and light of the decor
(c) The good manners of those at the table
(d) The open show of prostitutes

5. Why is Lady Claire reluctant to flee the castle and return to England?
(a) The winter weather has set in
(b) Her son is being held hostage
(c) Her people will be killed
(d) The seer has said she must meet someone at Castelgard

6. Who does Lady Claire say has been captured?
(a) The prior
(b) Sir Oliver
(c) Sir Daniel
(d) Sir Guy

7. What does Marek offer to do in the chapter “Castelgard”?
(a) Nothing, as Marek is not allowed to speak
(b) Be Chris' second
(c) Show Chris a little weaponry work
(d) Fight in Chris' place

8. What does it mean when Chris picks up Sir Guy's glove?
(a) Chris refuses to pick up the glove
(b) Chris is indicating his agreement to fight Sir Guy
(c) Chris admits he was wrong
(d) Chris is a peasant

9. How far below the earth's surface is the secure travel facility?
(a) 5,000 feet
(b) 1,000 feet
(c) 100 feet
(d) It is on the surface of the earth

10. What does Kramer forbid Baretto from taking with him?
(a) His own knives
(b) Guns
(c) Pictures
(d) Tear gas

11. What do the guards say Sir Guy will do to Marek and Chris?
(a) Force a rematch
(b) Decapitate them
(c) Sell them into slavery to the Moors
(d) Brand them

12. Why does Kramer threaten to quit?
(a) When Doniger attempts to kill Stern with a pistol
(b) When Gordon tells her that Kramer plans to kill Stern and her
(c) When Gordon says he is going to reveal what ITC has been doing
(d) When Doniger says he will allow Stern to use the prototype machine

13. What does Marek tell Chris to do in the match?
(a) Fight dirty
(b) Allow himself to be thrown from his horse
(c) Use one of the red cubes
(d) Get the sun in Sir Guy's eyes

14. What event is happening in Castelgard on the day the Yale team will arrive?
(a) A religious holiday
(b) A tournament
(c) A hanging
(d) A fair

15. Why might the field bucks sometimes show that a person is returning even before the person leaves?
(a) When time in the other universe is just a few seconds ahead of time in this universe
(b) Because of the relativity of time
(c) They have not figured out why that happens sometimes
(d) When there is a malfunction in the permutations

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Doniger's response about Stern's question concerning time paradox?

2. Where does Kate follow Chris and Marek?

3. What happens to Gomez as six armed horsemen ride up?

4. What advise does the Professor give Sir Oliver regarding defending Castelgard?

5. Where will the group travel directly from their arrival spot?

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