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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What enables ITC people to travel to other universes?
(a) Wormholes
(b) Changing the quarks by thought
(c) Disintegration and re-integration
(d) Fluid drift

2. What does Doniger say to flatter the individuals of the Yale team?
(a) Something about their being handpicked
(b) Something about each of their individual work
(c) Nothing; he is not interested in flattering them
(d) Something about their future potential

3. Why does Chris leap off a cliff?
(a) To save Kate
(b) He is being pursued by men who want to kill him
(c) He slips off the cliff inadvertently
(d) It's the only way to get back to the machines

4. What does Marek tell Chris to do in the match?
(a) Allow himself to be thrown from his horse
(b) Use one of the red cubes
(c) Get the sun in Sir Guy's eyes
(d) Fight dirty

5. Why might the field bucks sometimes show that a person is returning even before the person leaves?
(a) They have not figured out why that happens sometimes
(b) When time in the other universe is just a few seconds ahead of time in this universe
(c) Because of the relativity of time
(d) When there is a malfunction in the permutations

6. What is the message when Marek slaps Sir Guy on his head with the flat of the sword?
(a) That Marek intends to defend Chris
(b) To go after Marek
(c) To stop being dishonorable
(d) An insult

7. What does Sir Daniel order be done to Chris?
(a) He be bathed and suitably attired
(b) He be held in the dungeon
(c) He be sent to the Abby
(d) He be questioned by the magister

8. Who does Lady Claire say has been captured?
(a) Sir Guy
(b) Sir Daniel
(c) Sir Oliver
(d) The prior

9. What does Sue Gomez do in the travel room?
(a) A scan of each person's brain
(b) Prepares to demonstrate traveling
(c) She hooks the IV up to each person
(d) She runs the machine to keep track of the person

10. How does Lady Claire think her husband died?
(a) Poison
(b) Drowning
(c) A knife wound
(d) She has no idea

11. What does Marek watch that stuns him in the chapter “Castelgard”?
(a) The practice broadsword competition
(b) The practice jousting
(c) A knight having his armor put on
(d) The pennants flying over the jousting ring

12. What does Gordon say they cannot take with them?
(a) Any other food
(b) Their modern-day clothing
(c) Any identifying documents
(d) Anything that would be anachronistic

13. How does ITC think they can retrieve the Professor?
(a) Sending just Marek to take the Professor a decoder
(b) Sending the Yale team after him
(c) Sending a coded message to him
(d) They are not sure yet of the best approach to take

14. What advise does the Professor give Sir Oliver regarding defending Castelgard?
(a) Use St. Jerome's fire
(b) Not to defend it
(c) Use archers
(d) Use catapults

15. Of what does Doniger say Traub dies?
(a) Doniger says he does not know how Traub died
(b) Injury when he returned to the wrong place
(c) Cancer that was accelerated by quantum travel
(d) Heart attack

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Kramer suggest was psychologically wrong with Traub?

2. What does Lady Claire say of Chris to Sir Oliver?

3. For how long is a nav marker useable?

4. What does Gordon advise Doniger to refrain from telling the Yale group?

5. Why does de Kere resent the Professor?

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