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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is second in command of the Dordogne project?
(a) Doniger
(b) Erickson
(c) Stern
(d) Marek

2. What is the man wearing that lies beside the road where Dan and Liz are driving?
(a) Robes like a monk
(b) Navajo ceremonial dress
(c) Nothing
(d) A suit and tie

3. What evidence does Johnston say is weak?
(a) That some of the funding is ending up in the pockets of private individuals
(b) About the land around the excavation and ITC
(c) That the funding is going through laundering
(d) That the monastery actually stood about half a mile down the road

4. Where does Andry Marek take Diane Kramer?
(a) To answer questions about Traub
(b) To show her a diagram that explains Quantum flex
(c) On a helicopter tour of the Dordogne Project site
(d) To dinner

5. What is David Stern's job at the project site?
(a) Technology expert
(b) Payroll and Supply
(c) Preservation
(d) Research of items found

6. What does Tsosie order the nurse to do concerning the new patient?
(a) Get some warming blankets on him
(b) Start an IV
(c) Take a blood sample
(d) Get him to xray

7. Where has a new discovery been made at the site?
(a) Grid 7
(b) Grid 4
(c) Grid 1
(d) Under some wreckage at the tower

8. In what year was the Hundred Years War ongoing?
(a) 1478
(b) 1224
(c) 1504
(d) 1357

9. What does Marek suggest when it's obvious everyone at the site is upset?
(a) They all travel to a particular region of France to do some wine tasting
(b) They meet in the evenings for a drink and discuss news
(c) They all take a day off
(d) They all go into town and go to see a new play

10. Who is Joseph Traub?
(a) A Navajo shaman
(b) A well-known physicist
(c) An old time friend of Liz Baker
(d) The deputy sheriff who investigates the case

11. What kind of car is Dan Baker driving?
(a) Jeep
(b) Mercedes
(c) Forester
(d) F-150

12. Upon what is Liz intent to acquire?
(a) A new ceremonial dru
(b) An authentic Navajo weaving
(c) A sample of a meteorite that hit near there
(d) An authentic Kachina rattle

13. What does Liz do for a living?
(a) Architect
(b) Archeologist
(c) Epidemiologist
(d) Physician

14. Who is excavating Monastery Saint-Mere in France?
(a) A team of archeologists from the University of Freiburg
(b) Archeologists from Yale
(c) A team of archeologists from the Sorbonne
(d) A group of archeologists from Oxford and Harvard

15. Who calls Marek's cell phone?
(a) The Professor
(b) Gordon
(c) Kramer
(d) Doniger

Short Answer Questions

1. On what project is Chris Hughes working?

2. What caused Chris' grades to drop at one time during his school career?

3. What did scientists believe they had done at the end of the century mentioned in the Introduction?

4. What does Louise Delvert say that alarms Professor Johnston?

5. Why does Sophie leave Chris to take care of her horse?

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