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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is odd about the old man's fingertips?
(a) They are a different color than the rest of his skin
(b) Nothing unusual
(c) They have been sanded to remove prints
(d) They appear frostbitten

2. What was Arnaut de Cervole's former occupation?
(a) Miller
(b) Goatherd
(c) Peasant
(d) Monk

3. Upon what is Quantum technology based?
(a) Occam's razor
(b) The use of anti-matter
(c) Subatomic reality
(d) Threaded realities

4. Why does Chris add fortifications to the model he makes?
(a) Because they want to try some of the hurling machines against something that is realistic
(b) Because of the state of war at the time the model represents
(c) He think it is the way the architect would have made it because of the principles of physics known back then
(d) He found some heavy beams in the area where he works and believes they prove the mill was fortified

5. What is one thing Quantum technology can do?
(a) Alter DNA
(b) Create artificial limbs that work as well as biological ones
(c) Examine distant objects without actual contact
(d) Project radio beams instantly to places outside the Milky Way

6. Why does the police officer inspect the Baker's vehicle?
(a) Because there is a long scratch down one side
(b) Because the tag is expired
(c) For evidence that they hit the old man
(d) To see if there are any more clues to his identity

7. Who annoys Chris at dinner in Sarlat?
(a) Kramer
(b) Marek
(c) Kate's New York visitors
(d) Sophie

8. About what does the old man rave?
(a) Explosives
(b) Sir Oliver
(c) Quantum leaps
(d) Quantum foam

9. What is Elsie Kastner's job at the site?
(a) In charge of the acid baths
(b) Graphologist
(c) Clean-up
(d) Scribe

10. What does Dan notice about the man's body temperature?
(a) Nothing unusual
(b) Feverish
(c) It is cool
(d) It seems almost as if he were frozen

11. What interrupts dinner in a nearby village the second night that Kate's friends are there?
(a) Sophie's latest beau tries to start a fight with Chris
(b) Kate feels ill
(c) An urgent call from the Professor
(d) An urgent call from Elsie

12. What kind of car is Dan Baker driving?
(a) Forester
(b) Mercedes
(c) F-150
(d) Jeep

13. What is unique about Marek's language knowledge?
(a) He can instantly translate texts into modern English
(b) He is very good at distinguishing meanings of a word that has several nuances
(c) He can read texts that are written in heretofore unknown dialects
(d) He can speak as well as read the languages of the European Middle Ages

14. Who is Edwardus de Johnes?
(a) Arnaut's second in command
(b) The inventor of the vamous water mill on the Dordogne
(c) A mysterious figure with a mythical reputation
(d) The prior of the monastery that Arnaut destroys

15. What does the proton magnetometer do?
(a) Measures to a very fine degree any quakes
(b) Helps to find buried walls and metals
(c) Uses ultra infrared to pinpoint changes in the magma of the earth's core
(d) Measures a quantum flux

Short Answer Questions

1. On whom is Kramer to apply pressure?

2. What does Tsosie order the nurse to do concerning the new patient?

3. How is Arnaut successful in bringing down the fortress?

4. What evidence does Johnston say is weak?

5. What does Arnaut de Cervole decimate on a rampage with other renegade knights?

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