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International Technology Corporation (ITC)

Founded in 1989 by Robert Doniger, this is a multi-billion dollar company with a very low profile.


This is located on the English side of the Dordogne River and was built in medieval times as a stronghold.

La Roque

This is one of a pair of opposing castles included in the Dordogne project excavation.

The Monastery of Sainte-Mire

The historians visit this place on their journey to 14th Century France.

The Water Mill at Sainte-Mire

This is where Marcel's key is hidden.

The Green Chapel

This place houses the secret entrance to the underground passage into La Roque.

Brother Marcel's Key

This is an enciphered code carved decorously on the back of the door to Marcel's room.

The Shielding Panels

These are curved glass, which surround the transit pad at ITC in three concentric rings.

Quantum Computers

These use all thirty-two potential states of...

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