Timeline Character Descriptions

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Robert Doniger

This character is cruel, vindictive, anti-social, and predatory in his business dealings.

Diane Kramer

This character is the head attorney at ITC.

Edward Johnston

This character is a Regius Professor of History at Yale.

Christopher Stewart Hughes

This character is an ivory tower academic who enjoys debating historical questions in the abstract.

Andry Marek

This character is a twenty-nine-year-old assistant professor of history at Yale.

Katherine Erickson

This character is a graduate student specializing in medieval architecture.

Lady Claire D'Eltham

Without an army at her disposal, this character is forced to rely on her wits and feminine wiles to ensure her survival and protect her vast land holdings.

Guy de Malegant

This character is in constant need of money to maintain his splendid lifestyle and yet pay the soldiers in his service.

Arnaut de Cervole

This character is a defrocked monk who commands a large army...

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