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Short Answer Questions

1. During the board meeting, who gets angry and says he's going to shut the project down?

2. What does Rossoff tell Si when he returns to the agency after his third time travel trip?

3. How does Katie's letter reassure Si and Julia that the events in Jake's office weren't their fault?

4. The day after the incident at Jake's office, who comes to the boarding house and asks for Si and Julia?

5. After saying their greetings, where do the boarding house tenants invite Si to go?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why might a woman in Julia's time feel that marrying a man who is a good provider is more important than anything else?

2. Where are Julia and Si when Si tells her the truth of who he is?

3. What personality traits to Esterhazy and Jake Pickering have in common?

4. The day after the fire, when Si and Julia see Carmody again, what is his condition?

5. How does Si learn that Carmody is motivated by social advancement?

6. During the board discussion about affects of time travel on the future, what two opposing points of view do Danziger and Esterhazy express?

7. Who is Jake Pickering and why is he not happy to meet Si?

8. How does Si's conversation with a bus driver change Si's view of people in 1882, and what does he decide to do as a result?

9. On Si's first evening at the boarding house, what glaring mistake does Si make that almost reveals his true identity?

10. Why is Jake happy to see Si again in Chapter 17?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Science fiction sometimes uses factual, real-life events as a basis to make a fictional events seem more real. Describe two real-life events the author used to make Time and Again seem more real. And, if you had written the book, describe a real-life fact you would have added to make the story seem real.

Essay Topic 2

When Katie goes to 1882 with Si, they travel through New York, interact with the people, and see an old-fashioned version of a traffic jam. If you traveled through a big city today, how might your experience be similar to what Si and Katie experienced? How would it be different?

Essay Topic 3

Time and Again has three main plots; the time travel project, Si's relationship with Julia, and the conflict between Jake and Carmody. Describe each of these plots.

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