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Short Answer Questions

1. Despite possible consequences to the future, what does Si decide to do?

2. The day after being chased by the police, where do Si and Julia wake up?

3. After spending another day in 1882, what does Si decide about the people who live there?

4. What is the relationship between Jake and Julia?

5. On Si's fourth trip to the past, why is he nervous about returning to 19 Gramercy Park?

Short Essay Questions

1. What information is in the contracts Jake has in his office, and what does Jake conclude from the information in them?

2. Why might a woman in Julia's time feel that marrying a man who is a good provider is more important than anything else?

3. At breakfast on Si's first morning at the boarding house, what does Si notice about Julia?

4. Who does Si tell Julia he is?

5. On Si's first evening at the boarding house, what glaring mistake does Si make that almost reveals his true identity?

6. What personality traits to Esterhazy and Jake Pickering have in common?

7. Who opens the door to Si at 19 Gramercy Park and how does Si describe that individual?

8. After spending the day with Julia, how does Si begin to feel about her?

9. When Si returns to the past again in Chapter 17, what is the difference in his attitude about life in 1882?

10. When Si visits 19 Gramercy Park in the present, what might he have hoped to learn by asking the young woman who answered the door if she knew of Julia?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

On the night of the fire at Jake's office, Si and Julia lament afterward that they were somehow responsible for the fire. Do you think they were responsible? Use evidence from the book in your answer and include your thoughts on the following two points: 1) Si could have helped Jake try and put out the fire; 2) Si could have broken up the argument between Carmody and Jake before it escalated out of control.

Essay Topic 2

At the start of Si's employment with the agency, the scientists involved insisted that the time travelers be very careful not to change history. What made the scientists change their mind about this policy? Do you think the scientists had good motives in asking Si to change history? Relate a benefit to changing history. Relate a possible side effect in changing history.

Essay Topic 3

When Katie goes to 1882 with Si, they travel through New York, interact with the people, and see an old-fashioned version of a traffic jam. If you traveled through a big city today, how might your experience be similar to what Si and Katie experienced? How would it be different?

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