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Short Answer Questions

1. When Ruben and Si finish their lunch, Ruben is convinced that:

2. While Si is in training at the Dakota which two people come to visit him?

3. During his training with Dr. Rossoff, what does Si do?

4. When Si sees Katie again, after he's traveled into the past, what is she disappointed about?

5. Where does the funding for the time travel project come from?

Short Essay Questions

1. What detail about the project being government funded does Esterhazy relate to Si?

2. Why does Si not tell the scientists that Katie went with him to 1882?

3. How does Danziger explaining Einstein's theory to Si help make the story appear more realistic to the reader?

4. On the walls of Katie's shop Si notices several photographs, what does he think of them?

5. What about the photographs Si that looks at during training makes him more excited about his impending trip to the past?

6. How would you describe Simon Morley?

7. What does Danziger tell Si the potential agents he saw at the warehouse are being trained for?

8. Why does Si repeatedly look out the windows of his room in the Dakota and why does he stop looking out of them?

9. Si's first day at his new job begins with a tour of the agency. What is the most beneficial thing he sees?

10. What does Katie tell Si about her past that sets up the scene for Si's first assignment?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

After a man is eliminated from history, due to the time travel project, Esterhazy expresses his feelings that the risks of time travel to the future is minimal and the project should continue. Danziger, on the other hand, feels that even the smallest risk is too much and the project should be shut down. If you had been on the agency's board of directors who would you have sided with and why?

Essay Topic 2

Time and Again has three main plots; the time travel project, Si's relationship with Julia, and the conflict between Jake and Carmody. Describe each of these plots.

Essay Topic 3

What part of Si's description of 1882 New York did you find most fascinating? If you could travel back to New York in 1882 for one day, what would you on that day? How would your everyday life be different if you lived in 1882?

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