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Short Answer Questions

1. During his training with Dr. Rossoff, what does Si do?

2. What is the theme of Chapter 6?

3. Si admits he enjoys Katie's company, but tells the reader that:

4. How does Si feel after looking at a collection of old photographs in an antique store?

5. Who does Esterhazy say is in control of the agency's time travel project?

Short Essay Questions

1. What detail about the project being government funded does Esterhazy relate to Si?

2. How does Danziger explaining Einstein's theory to Si help make the story appear more realistic to the reader?

3. How does clothing in 1882 look like for men and women in compared with today?

4. When Si and Katie both go to the past how does the experience make them feel physically?

5. After going through the psychological tests at the agency, what makes Dr. Rossoff say Si is perfect for the job?

6. What does Danziger tell Si the potential agents he saw at the warehouse are being trained for?

7. Why is it crucial to Si's job that he learn to hypnotize himself?

8. Which two people visit Si at the Dakota first and for what purpose?

9. Si's first day at his new job begins with a tour of the agency. What is the most beneficial thing he sees?

10. How does Si feel after his assignment is approved by the board of directors?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Time and Again explores the concept of personal responsibility. What is your definition of personal responsibility? How does your definition fit in with Si's eventual decisions to:

1) Tell Julia the truth about who he is and where he's from?

2) Return Julia to the past?

3) Stop the time travel project?

Essay Topic 2

When Ruben first meets Si, he explains the agency's purpose and then tells Si the agency, without his knowledge, checked into Si's background. Is it ethical for a company to check a potential employee's background without asking their permission first? Would you work for a company if you found out they had secretly checked your background? Ruben said the agency felt Si was a good candidate for the job because of his background, does that fact change how you feel about the agency's background check practices?

Essay Topic 3

The night that Jake and Carmody meet in Jake's office, Si is hiding in a corner obeying the agency's non-interference rule. Yet Si breaks that rule on two accounts: 1) by bringing Julia along, and 2) by helping in the rescue efforts while the building was on fire. Does Si have a double standard when it comes to non-interference that night? Explain the reason for your answer.

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