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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What reason does Julia give for only part of the Statue of Liberty being in the park?
(a) The rest will be delivered when the city decides where to put it.
(b) The rest will be delivered as soon a ship can be found to bring it.
(c) France has decided to keep the rest of it.
(d) The rest will be delivered when the artist finishes it.

2. When Si goes for a ride on the top of a bus, what does the bus driver talk about?
(a) Homeless children sleeping in hay bales.
(b) How unhappy he is living in 1882.
(c) Homeless people living in the museum.
(d) Children playing in hay at the park.

3. Who owns the house at 19 Gramercy Park?
(a) Si's parents.
(b) Felix Grier.
(c) Julia's Aunt Ada.
(d) Julia's Aunt Alice.

4. What day is it at the beginning of Chapter 18?
(a) The day Si finds out who delivered Carmody's letter.
(b) The day Carmody and Jake are scheduled to meet.
(c) Jake and Julia's wedding day.
(d) Si's birthday.

5. When Si first introduces himself to Julia, where does he say he's from?
(a) Out of town.
(b) New York.
(c) Wisconsin.
(d) Across town.

6. What reputation does Chief of Police Byrnes have with the tenants at the boarding house?
(a) A lazy, doughnut eater.
(b) They don't know him.
(c) A ruthless interrogator.
(d) A nice guy.

7. Who is Felix Grier?
(a) A tenant in the boarding house.
(b) A friend of Si's from the past.
(c) The owner of 19 Gramercy Park.
(d) The man who mailed the letter.

8. Where does Chief of Police Byrnes take Si and Julia?
(a) Back to the future.
(b) To Jake's office.
(c) To Carmody's house.
(d) To jail.

9. After finding nothing but dead ends, what trail in Jake's investigation tells him that Carmody is still alive?
(a) The trail that leads to the agency.
(b) The trail that leads to Carmody.
(c) The trail that leads to a group of businessmen.
(d) The trail that leads to the White House.

10. While he reads the paper, what does Si notice about Julia?
(a) How good her manners are.
(b) How she compares to Katie.
(c) How well she's dressed.
(d) How beautiful she is.

11. Who goes shopping with Si in New York?
(a) Ruben.
(b) Felix.
(c) Julia.
(d) Jake.

12. How much money does Jake want from Carmody?
(a) One thousand dollars.
(b) One million dollars.
(c) Ten million dollars.
(d) One trillion dollars.

13. After spending another day in 1882, what does Si decide about the people who live there?
(a) He's glad he doesn't live there with them.
(b) They should all come to live in the future with him.
(c) They need better cars.
(d) They deserve to be happy.

14. When Jake and Carmody do meet, where do they go to talk?
(a) To a phone booth.
(b) To the alley between buildings.
(c) To a closet in Jake's office.
(d) To a park bench.

15. During dinner on his first night at the boarding house, why does Julia look curiously at Si?
(a) Si doesn't know how to play birthday games.
(b) It's obvious that Si is not from New York.
(c) Si has a funny laugh.
(d) Si doesn't understand everything that's going on.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Si use to sketch a picture of Julia in the frost on the window?

2. Who does Jake tell Carmody he's investigating?

3. How do Julia and Si eventually escape from Jake's office building?

4. In Chapter 16, the board of directors wants whose input on whether or not the project should continue?

5. What does Julia tell Si is the most important thing to a woman?

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