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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Si change his appearance before he travels back in time?
(a) He shaves.
(b) He grows his hair and a beard.
(c) He puts on make-up.
(d) He dies his hair gray.

2. Why does Ruben apologize to Si in the warehouse?
(a) He thinks he offended Si.
(b) Because the place is a mess.
(c) Because Si doesn't like Ruben.
(d) Ruben believes he's confusing Si.

3. When Si first visits the Dakota in the past, what does he do there?
(a) Wonders how he got there.
(b) Takes pictures.
(c) Meets other time travelers.
(d) Takes a room key.

4. What is the setting of the play that Si watches at the agency?
(a) A space station in the future.
(b) A small street in New York.
(c) A castle in England.
(d) A small-town street in the Midwestern U.S.

5. How does Ruben know that Katie went with Si into the past?
(a) Si is being watched.
(b) Danziger told him.
(c) Katie told him.
(d) Si told him.

6. What does the government agency director tell Si?
(a) He is in for an experience he will never forget.
(b) He can't tell anyone about time travel.
(c) He is making a huge mistake.
(d) He can't work for the agency.

7. What is the relationship of Katie Mancuso and Andrew Carmody?
(a) He's an old friend of her family.
(b) He's her adoptive grandfather.
(c) He's her husband from the past.
(d) He's her adoptive uncle.

8. What is the theme of Chapter 6?
(a) Si's job training.
(b) The theory of time travel.
(c) How Danziger's parents met.
(d) Looking at old photographs.

9. When Danziger assigns Si to go to San Francisco, where does Si ask to go instead?
(a) To New York in 2082.
(b) To Wisconsin in 1982.
(c) To New York in 1882.
(d) To Wisconsin in 1882.

10. What does Si tell his boss In Chapter 2?
(a) He's going to take a second job.
(b) He wants a raise.
(c) He needs a vacation.
(d) He's quitting his job.

11. Oscar Rossoff believes Si is:
(a) An ideal candidate for mayor.
(b) An ideal candidate for the job.
(c) Not the right person for the job.
(d) Someone he wants to be friends with.

12. On his initial visit, what does Si see inside the agency's warehouse?
(a) Antiques from the past.
(b) People traveling through time.
(c) Several stages and theater sets.
(d) His girlfriend.

13. While preparing for their trip to the past, what post-hypnotic suggestion do Si and Katie give themselves?
(a) To take a bus to the post office.
(b) To take a walk in the snow.
(c) To see who mailed the letter and to not interfere.
(d) To find out when the letter was mailed.

14. How did Si and Katie meet?
(a) At the mall.
(b) Friends introduced them.
(c) In the grocery store.
(d) When Si went into her antique store.

15. What is special about Si's apartment at the Dakota?
(a) No one lived there in the past.
(b) Si's parents met there.
(c) It is clean.
(d) The closet is a perfect place to store a time machine.

Short Answer Questions

1. During their lunch meeting, whose theory about time does Danziger explain to Si?

2. Where does Simon work?

3. After Ruben and Si finish talking about Katie at the end of Chapter 11, where does Ruben take Si?

4. What does Ruben tell Si about his third trip to the past?

5. Why does Si stop looking out the windows at the Dakota?

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