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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the theme of Chapter 6?
(a) Looking at old photographs.
(b) How Danziger's parents met.
(c) Si's job training.
(d) The theory of time travel.

2. The agency won't let __________ help Si with his second trip to the past.
(a) Katie.
(b) Dr. Rossoff.
(c) Danziger.
(d) Ruben.

3. When Si finishes his training at the agency where is he taken?
(a) To the post office.
(b) To the Dakota.
(c) To the laboratory.
(d) To the Statue of Liberty.

4. When Danziger assigns Si to go to San Francisco, where does Si ask to go instead?
(a) To Wisconsin in 1882.
(b) To New York in 2082.
(c) To New York in 1882.
(d) To Wisconsin in 1982.

5. Who does Esterhazy say is in control of the agency's time travel project?
(a) Danziger.
(b) Ruben.
(c) Himself.
(d) Si.

6. When Si finds the address Ruben gave him, what does the place look like?
(a) A storage building.
(b) A moving company.
(c) An office supply store.
(d) A front for a secret government agency.

7. After Si travels back in time, what do the scientists conclude about his mental health?
(a) He's fine.
(b) He needs a vacation.
(c) He needs therapy.
(d) He shouldn't risk traveling again.

8. Why did Si not tell the scientists that Katie traveled with him into the past?
(a) He wanted to ask Katie if it was okay first.
(b) He wanted to tell Danziger privately.
(c) He wanted to tell Ruben first.
(d) He decided not to tell anybody.

9. Who is Esterhazy?
(a) Katie's adoptive father.
(b) Ruben's best friend.
(c) A spy.
(d) A man who works with Danziger.

10. When Si first visits the Dakota in the past, what does he do there?
(a) Takes a room key.
(b) Wonders how he got there.
(c) Meets other time travelers.
(d) Takes pictures.

11. Who does Si and Katie see mail Carmody's letter?
(a) A tall, bald man.
(b) A husky man with a dog.
(c) A man wearing a hat and boots.
(d) A tall, husky man with a beard.

12. How does Katie help Si with his job training?
(a) She quizes him.
(b) She talks to him on the phone.
(c) She makes him is favorite meal.
(d) She doesn't help him.

13. What snaps Si out of his hypnotic state?
(a) The sound of music.
(b) A phone ringing.
(c) A familiar voice or cue word.
(d) Katie.

14. What is Si shown to help him relate to people in the past?
(a) Phonographs.
(b) Photographs.
(c) Letters.
(d) Old clothes.

15. Why does Si learn self-hypnosis?
(a) So he can let go of the present.
(b) So he can lose weight.
(c) So he can feel better.
(d) So he's not scared to travel through time.

Short Answer Questions

1. What property of Si's does the agency purchase?

2. What is Si's assignment for his third trip to the past?

3. Why is the Dakota used as a time portal?

4. What concerns does the board of directors have about Si's trips to the past?

5. What does Si look at that makes him excited about traveling to the past?

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