Time and Again Character Descriptions

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Simon (Si) Morley

This character takes an emotional journey, replacing an empty, emotionless life with new beliefs on humanity and romantic relationships.

Ruben Prien

This authoritarian character is helpful, but quick tempered, always wanting change, but never participating in it.

Katie Mancuso

An ability to break off an intricate friendship easily, coupled with past family problems, makes this character appealing to others.


This character is the ultimate scientist who believes in non-interference, but desires knowledge of the past to the point of personal destruction.


This is a corrupt individual, who uses manipulation of past events to the character's own advantage.

Oscar Rossoff and Martin Lastvogel

Historic knowledge and psychological instruction are specialties these characters use to help the narrator succeed.

Andrew Carmody

With no regard for future relatives or how they feel, social and financial gain are what this character craves.

Julia Charbonneau

Independent and intelligent...

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