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Chapter 1

• A lonely frustrated artist, Si Morley, living in New York, is contacted by Ruben Prien, who works for a government agency.

• Ruben offers Si a job traveling back and forth in time.

• Si thinks about his girlfriend, Katie Mancuso, and the few friends he has, he asks for a week to think it over.

• Ruben believes he will accept and asks permission to search Si's apartment.

Chapter 2

• Si goes on a trip to the country with Katie and thinks about how they met in her antique shop.

• Si focuses his thoughts on a photo collection he saw in Katie's store, he reflects how the photos are mere reflections of real life.

• The day after the country trip, Si quits his job and calls Ruben, he asks that he be allowed to tell Katie everything.

• Si meets Ruben at the agency and notices it looks like a warehouse...

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