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Short Answer Questions

1. The gods cannot answer Orual's charge against them. Why?

2. Orual decides to amend her book. Why?

3. When Bardia insists that Orual should not fight in her mask, she . .

4. What is Orual's plan to avoid war with Phars and still defeat Argan?

5. Orual compares the writing of her book to surgery. Why?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Orual feel about the ceremony of the House of Ungit?

2. What has prepared Orual to rule as queen of Glome?

3. Describe the story of Istra.

4. What complaints does Orual make of the Gods during her trial?

5. What is the subject of Orual's book? Why has she written it?

6. How is it that Psyche could have endured so much without any anguish?

7. How does Bardia hurt Orual's feelings?

8. What test does Orual propose of Psyche?

9. Who visits Orual at the beginning of the chapter? What does he/she want?

10. How does Orual hope to use Trunia and Redival to bring peace to Glome and Phars?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Write an essay in which you examine Lewis' choice to use the first person point of view in writing Till We Have Faces. Why might he have selected this point of view? How does it enhance his theme(s)?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss a statement about jealousy that you believe Lewis is making through the text. What happens to the jealous, or to the subjects of jealousy? What does jealousy have the power to do? Use examples and quotations to support your point.

Essay Topic 3

Analyze the possession and use of power in Till We Have Faces. Who has power? How is it employed? Then write an essay in which you identify Lewis's attitude toward the powerful.

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