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Short Answer Questions

1. When the god says "You are also Psyche," this implies what?

2. While Redival professes to grieve for the King and celebrate Orual's succession, she is primarily concerned that. . .

3. Orual begins to distinguish between the Queen and herself why?

4. What effect does the King's accident have on Orual?

5. Orual's last written words, "I might--" imply what?

Short Essay Questions

1. In this chapter, what is the source of conflict between Orual and Psyche?

2. What are Orual's strengths as a queen?

3. What complaints does Orual make of the Gods during her trial?

4. How does Orual motivate herself to draw blood in combat with Argan?

5. How does Orual feel about the ceremony of the House of Ungit?

6. How is it that Psyche could have endured so much without any anguish?

7. How is Orual persuaded not to kill herself?

8. What is Orual's plan to defeat Argan and rescue Phars?

9. How does Orual react to the death of Bardia?

10. Describe the story of Istra.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Leo Tolstoy measured the effectiveness of a piece of art based on its clearness, individuality, and sincerity. Based on this standard, evaluate Till We Have Faces as a work of art.

Essay Topic 2

Choose one major character and explain the ways Lewis chooses to develop him or her as symbolic. What methods of characterization does the author use? Choose from the following or identify your own:

Characters: Orual, the Fox, Psyche, Redival, Bardia, the Priest, or Arnom.

Methods of Characterization: Actions, Dialog, Description, Other's Reactions, for example.

Essay Topic 3

If we assume that Lewis writes Till We Have Faces to communicate some virtue or virtues, what might they be? Write an essay in which you identify Lewis' definition of goodness and how he communicates these values in his novel.

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