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Short Answer Questions

1. The Fox's decree that Justice, Equality, the Soul, musical note, things behind our backs, and things too far away to be seen suggests that he is ruled by . . .

2. Why has Redival become suddenly pious?

3. What does Redival want in exchange for her secrecy about Psyche's worship by the people?

4. Why does Orual not recognize Psyche in the procession?

5. What emotion does Orual express most when discussing their father, the King?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Psyche ashamed to be mortal?

2. Why does Orual focus on the most fearful possibilities for Psyche's death rather than encouraging her?

3. Bardia's suggestion that he and Orual sleep back to back like soldiers teaches Orual what about herself?

4. How do Orual and the Fox end up "babysitting" Redival?

5. Orual calls the love she feels for Psyche "deeper than theirs who seek only the happiness of their beloved." What does this imply about Orual's former thoughts on leaving Psyche to her happiness?

6. Describe the reasons Orual is prevented from seeing Pscyhe for a final time at her burial.

7. What happens to Orual when she hears that Psyche is to be sacrificed?

8. Why does the King kill a slave boy at the beginning of the chapter?

9. As the discord grows between the sisters, what is happening to the kingdom of Glome?

10. Why does Bardia eventually allow Orual into Psyche's room?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What is the role of gender in shaping the world of Till We Have Faces? Write an essay in which you analyze how gender defines the main characters and to what degree these characters transcend (or are limited by) their gender identity.

Essay Topic 2

Analyze the possession and use of power in Till We Have Faces. Who has power? How is it employed? Then write an essay in which you identify Lewis's attitude toward the powerful.

Essay Topic 3

If we assume that Lewis writes Till We Have Faces to communicate some virtue or virtues, what might they be? Write an essay in which you identify Lewis' definition of goodness and how he communicates these values in his novel.

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