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Short Answer Questions

1. Who recognizes Orual's grief and offers her an outlet through training at swords?

2. For what reason does Orual delay her trip to the Mountain to bury Psyche?

3. What thoughts does Orual repress when resolving to save Psyche?

4. After the birth of his daughter, the King threatens to. . .

5. What frightens Orual most about the Priest of Ungit?

Short Essay Questions

1. What "deaths" does Psyche list for Orual as a part of a mortal life?

2. Why do Orual and the Fox sense misfortune for Psyche?

3. Ultimately, why is Psyche happy to be sacrificed to the god of Grey Mountain?

4. How has the palace changed since Orual came out of the Pillar Room?

5. Bardia's suggestion that he and Orual sleep back to back like soldiers teaches Orual what about herself?

6. What happens to Orual when she hears that Psyche is to be sacrificed?

7. Why does Bardia eventually allow Orual into Psyche's room?

8. What kind of relationship does Orual have with her father?

9. What reasons does the Fox have for wanting to commit suicide?

10. Why does the King kill a slave boy at the beginning of the chapter?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Leo Tolstoy measured the effectiveness of a piece of art based on its clearness, individuality, and sincerity. Based on this standard, evaluate Till We Have Faces as a work of art.

Essay Topic 2

Trace Orual's journey toward faith through an examination of one of the following:

1) Physical objects or places.

2) Association with other characters.

3) Her own thoughts.

4) Her statements about the gods.

Essay Topic 3

Discuss a statement about jealousy that you believe Lewis is making through the text. What happens to the jealous, or to the subjects of jealousy? What does jealousy have the power to do? Use examples and quotations to support your point.

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