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Short Answer Questions

1. Orual feels an urgency to escape the Mountain. Why?

2. When Psyche suggests her god might be able to make Orual see and understand her situation, how does Orual respond?

3. Psyche believes the Fox is wrong about the gods because. . .

4. What emotion does Orual express most when discussing their father, the King?

5. After the birth of his daughter, the King threatens to. . .

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does the King kill a slave boy at the beginning of the chapter?

2. How has the palace changed since Orual came out of the Pillar Room?

3. What conflict comes between Orual and the Fox?

4. What is the lesson the Fox expresses about Nature, or the Whole, in chapter 8?

5. Why do Orual and the Fox sense misfortune for Psyche?

6. Why does the war with Tarin's father seem to "leave a stench?"

7. Why is Psyche ashamed to be mortal?

8. Describe the battle between Orual and Argan.

9. How does Bardia hurt Orual's feelings?

10. In this chapter, what is the source of conflict between Orual and Psyche?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Leo Tolstoy measured the effectiveness of a piece of art based on its clearness, individuality, and sincerity. Based on this standard, evaluate Till We Have Faces as a work of art.

Essay Topic 2

Trace Orual's journey toward faith through an examination of one of the following:

1) Physical objects or places.

2) Association with other characters.

3) Her own thoughts.

4) Her statements about the gods.

Essay Topic 3

What is the role of gender in shaping the world of Till We Have Faces? Write an essay in which you analyze how gender defines the main characters and to what degree these characters transcend (or are limited by) their gender identity.

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