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Short Answer Questions

1. To what does the Fox attribute the fact that the dangers and plagues disappeared from Glome when Psyche was sacrificed?

2. What surprises Orual when she first sees her Stepmother?

3. Which of the following is a reason why the narrator does not fear the gods will punish her for writing her book?

4. What thoughts does Orual repress when resolving to save Psyche?

5. Why does the mob return to the palace a second time?

Short Essay Questions

1. Bardia's suggestion that he and Orual sleep back to back like soldiers teaches Orual what about herself?

2. How has the palace changed since Orual came out of the Pillar Room?

3. Ultimately, why is Psyche happy to be sacrificed to the god of Grey Mountain?

4. Why does the war with Tarin's father seem to "leave a stench?"

5. What is the purpose of the Priest's visit?

6. Why does Bardia eventually allow Orual into Psyche's room?

7. What happens to Orual when she hears that Psyche is to be sacrificed?

8. Describe Orual's childhood.

9. What does Orual believe is the true reason the gods have tried to give her such feelings of happiness on her journey, and why does she refuse to accept these feelings?

10. Describe the Fox's personality.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Analyze the possession and use of power in Till We Have Faces. Who has power? How is it employed? Then write an essay in which you identify Lewis's attitude toward the powerful.

Essay Topic 2

Choose one major character and explain the ways Lewis chooses to develop him or her as symbolic. What methods of characterization does the author use? Choose from the following or identify your own:

Characters: Orual, the Fox, Psyche, Redival, Bardia, the Priest, or Arnom.

Methods of Characterization: Actions, Dialog, Description, Other's Reactions, for example.

Essay Topic 3

An Arab proverb explains, "Love sees sharply, hatred sees even more sharp, but Jealousy sees the sharpest for it is love and hate at the same time." Consider the role of love, hatred, and jealousy in Till We Have Faces. How does each emotion shape the characters and drive the plot? Then write an essay in which you defend, refute, or qualify the Arab proverb as it applies to Lewis' book.

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