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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Orual believe she cannot change her soul from an ugly one into a beautiful one?
(a) She no longer has the help of Bardia and the Fox.
(b) Psyche is preventing her from changing.
(c) No one in the palace will help her.
(d) The gods will not help her.

2. What is the difference between Bardia's belief about Psyche's lover and the Fox's belief?
(a) Bardia simply sees a need for revenge, and the Fox disagrees.
(b) Bardia's belief is religious, and the Fox's belief is based on Greek mythology.
(c) Bardia's belief is wrong, while the Fox's is correct.
(d) Bardia's belief rests on superstition while the Fox's rests on logic.

3. Orual's successor as ruler of Glome will be:
(a) Phars
(b) Daaran
(c) Redival
(d) Trunia

4. The rite of the Year's birth represents
(a) Ungit's birth from earth.
(b) The end of Ungit's reign.
(c) Man's
(d) The new priest's Greek philosophies.

5. Orual decides to amend her book. Why?
(a) She has learned some of it is untrue.
(b) She is unhappy with the first draft.
(c) She regrets writing about her loves.
(d) She fears the godess will punish her.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Orual see in the faces of the people of Glome as they gathered in the streets?

2. In her summary of the years that pass, Orual reports that tales of her reign . . .

3. Orual discover her love for Bardia. . .

4. The fact that Orual does not see the beauty in the journey the second time suggests what?

5. The story the old priest relays implies that

Short Essay Questions

1. What are Orual's strengths as a queen?

2. Who visits Orual at the beginning of the chapter? What does he/she want?

3. Describe the story of Istra.

4. What complaints does Orual make of the Gods during her trial?

5. How does the God reveal himself to Orual?

6. How does Orual's battle with ugliness come to an end?

7. How is it that Psyche could have endured so much without any anguish?

8. What is the subject of Orual's book? Why has she written it?

9. What does Orual realize about the inability of humans to communicate with the gods?

10. What is Orual's plan to defeat Argan and rescue Phars?

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