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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Orual's two strengths as Queen are:
(a) The counsel of the Fox and her slave Poobi
(b) The counsel of Bardia and the Fox, and her veil
(c) Her veil and her helmet
(d) Her silver mines and her veil

2. Orual begins to distinguish between the Queen and herself why?
(a) The Queen has insisted she leave Orual behind.
(b) Her sickness is creeping back and causing confusion.
(c) She is beginning to lose her mind.
(d) The Queen acts quickly and with courage and Orual seems powerless.

3. Orual's veil represents her. . .
(a) virtue.
(b) mourning.
(c) shame.
(d) need for attention.

4. Orual expresses amazement that the people of Glome
(a) Do not recognize her unveiled.
(b) No longer beleive in the
(c) Seem depressed and aggitated on the Year's Birth.
(d) Rejoice at the

5. Orual discover her love for Bardia. . .
(a) was clear to all who knew her.
(b) was selfish and consuming.
(c) was beautiful and unselfish.
(d) was returned.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is significant about the fact that the judge sits at the same level as Orual?

2. Ultimately, Psyche agrees to go ahead with Orual's demands because. . .

3. Orual offers Trunia lodging as a prisoner because

4. In the old priest's story of Psyche, the goddess is finally. . .

5. To what two things does Orual compare the ugly scribble of her complaint?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the battle between Orual and Argan.

2. How is it that Psyche could have endured so much without any anguish?

3. What is the subject of Orual's book? Why has she written it?

4. Describe the story of Istra.

5. Who visits Orual at the beginning of the chapter? What does he/she want?

6. What are Orual's strengths as a queen?

7. How does Orual react to the death of Bardia?

8. How does Orual feel about the ceremony of the House of Ungit?

9. What is Orual's plan to defeat Argan and rescue Phars?

10. How does Orual hope to use Trunia and Redival to bring peace to Glome and Phars?

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