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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The first truth Orual learns she has misunderstood is. . .
(a) how she and Batta used to be best friends.
(b) how she rejected the Fox and Redival when Psyche came.
(c) how the gods used to love and care for her.
(d) how she hurt Redival by loving the Fox and Psyche.

2. The story the old priest relays implies that
(a) Orual knew that Psyche's husband was a god, but destroyed her happiness out of jealousy.
(b) Psyche was jealous of her sisters.
(c) The sisters had no clear signs from the gods.
(d) Orual could not guess the answer to the gods' riddle and so was destroyed.

3. While Redival professes to grieve for the King and celebrate Orual's succession, she is primarily concerned that. . .
(a) Orual should allow her to leave Glome.
(b) Orual should share the throne with her.
(c) Orual should appoint her an advisor.
(d) Orual should find her a good husband.

4. Arnom delivers the news that
(a) Bardia's health is failing.
(b) Bardia's wife has delievered another child.
(c) Bardia has been poisoned.
(d) Bardia's wife has left him.

5. That Orual's father reveals she is Ungit is an example of . . .
(a) irony.
(b) point of View.
(c) allusion.
(d) hyperbole.

6. Orual believes she and Ansit cannot be friends because. . .
(a) Ansit is jealous of Orual's time with Bardia.
(b) Bardia loves Orual best.
(c) Ansit is uneducated and feels threated by Orual.
(d) Ansit is poor and has no power.

7. What is ironic about the Fox's apology for attempting to manipulate her when he says that "Love is not a thing to be so used"?
(a) She has used her own love to manipulate the Fox.
(b) She has used her own love to manipulate the King.
(c) She has used her own love to manipulate Bardia.
(d) She has used her own love to manipulate Psyche.

8. When Bardia insists that Orual should not fight in her mask, she . .
(a) agrees to fight barefaced.
(b) exchanges it for a mask made of fine cloth that could not be seen through.
(c) insists that the veil is the most efficient way to fight.
(d) insists on wearing a helmet made of silver.

9. Orual discover her love for Bardia. . .
(a) was clear to all who knew her.
(b) was returned.
(c) was selfish and consuming.
(d) was beautiful and unselfish.

10. Orual's two strengths as Queen are:
(a) Her silver mines and her veil
(b) The counsel of the Fox and her slave Poobi
(c) The counsel of Bardia and the Fox, and her veil
(d) Her veil and her helmet

11. What is significant about the fact that the judge sits at the same level as Orual?
(a) It implies she is not below or less than the gods.
(b) It implies she is a god herself.
(c) It implies the gods are essentially humans.
(d) It implies she has never really left the world of the gods.

12. To prepare Orual for killing a man, Bardia insists that she. . .
(a) kill a soldier.
(b) kill a cow.
(c) kill a pig.
(d) kill a slave.

13. For the first time, Orual feels what emotion behind her veil?
(a) Power
(b) Fear
(c) Love
(d) Guilt

14. Orual agrees to visit the natural hot spring because. . .
(a) she thinks that the Fox would have scolded her for missing it.
(b) she wants to please her young companions.
(c) she believes the Fox is waiting for her there.
(d) she wants to visit a temple near the spring.

15. After Orual frees the Fox, she convinces herself that he will leave her. Why?
(a) He loves his own family more than her.
(b) He fears and loathes her now that she is Queen.
(c) He is angry at her for keeping him a slave so long.
(d) He never loved her, only Psyche.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the difference between Bardia's belief about Psyche's lover and the Fox's belief?

2. Orual compares the writing of her book to surgery. Why?

3. Even though the King is not home to catch her, Orual slinks back into the palace because. . .

4. The Fox's visions show Orual. . .

5. Orual blames Bardia's illness on. . .

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