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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Orual says "I did and I did and I did and what does it matter what I did," what is she implying?
(a) Her works as Queen would be undone by the next King.
(b) Her works as Queen made her feel insignificant.
(c) Her works as Queen never amounted to anything.
(d) Her works as Queen could not undo her sin against Psyche.

2. Why is Trunia seeking refuge in Glome?
(a) He wants to be King of Glome.
(b) He rebelled against the King and wants to see him dead.
(c) He rebelled against his brother in Phars and was defeated.
(d) He is the new King of Phars but is hated by the people.

3. After Orual frees the Fox, she convinces herself that he will leave her. Why?
(a) He fears and loathes her now that she is Queen.
(b) He never loved her, only Psyche.
(c) He is angry at her for keeping him a slave so long.
(d) He loves his own family more than her.

4. Orual wins the battle because
(a) Argan does not know how to fight like the people of Glome.
(b) Trunia has given Orual the secrets to defeating Argan.
(c) Argan is overconfident and makes mistakes.
(d) Argan's people do not believe in him.

5. When the god says "You are also Psyche," this implies what?
(a) The god has sent her into exile.
(b) She and Psyche were twins.
(c) She will suffer under the weight of many difficult tasks.
(d) She is as meaningful to the god as Psyche is.

6. The rite of the Year's birth represents
(a) The end of Ungit's reign.
(b) The new priest's Greek philosophies.
(c) Man's
(d) Ungit's birth from earth.

7. To what two things does Orual compare the ugly scribble of her complaint?
(a) Her father's voice and the faces in the Ungit stone.
(b) Her father's voice and the mirror in the Pillar Room.
(c) Her father's voice and Batta's arms.
(d) Her father's voice and his fists.

8. The first truth Orual learns she has misunderstood is. . .
(a) how she and Batta used to be best friends.
(b) how the gods used to love and care for her.
(c) how she hurt Redival by loving the Fox and Psyche.
(d) how she rejected the Fox and Redival when Psyche came.

9. Why does Orual resist the "tyrannically" strong urge to re-cross the river and forgive Psyche?
(a) Gram will not let her re-cross the river.
(b) Her hatred for Psyche prevents her.
(c) She cannot find Psyche.
(d) Her pride and anger keep her from doing it.

10. The fact that Orual does not see the beauty in the journey the second time suggests what?
(a) The place has changed since she visited first.
(b) She is not open to its beauty as she was before.
(c) Psyche's god has disguised the Mountain.
(d) Psyche's god will not allow her to see it.

11. What does Orual realize about her complaint after she has delivered it to the gods?
(a) She has been reading it over and over again from start to finish.
(b) It was not her complaint, but someone else's.
(c) The gods would never let her finish it.
(d) The gods have deceived her into thinking there is no answer.

12. When Orual learns of Batta's behavior toward other slaves, she. . .
(a) orders Batta out of Glome.
(b) marries Batta off to a good man.
(c) sells Batta to Phars.
(d) orders Batta hanged.

13. Orual believes she and Ansit cannot be friends because. . .
(a) Bardia loves Orual best.
(b) Ansit is poor and has no power.
(c) Ansit is jealous of Orual's time with Bardia.
(d) Ansit is uneducated and feels threated by Orual.

14. As Orual considers the temple and its dwellers, she realizes what?
(a) The temple enriches the kingdom of Glome.
(b) The temple consumes people and things and gives nothing back.
(c) She has caused the temple to consume others.
(d) The temple is a refuge for lost souls.

15. What is significant about the fact that the judge sits at the same level as Orual?
(a) It implies she is a god herself.
(b) It implies she has never really left the world of the gods.
(c) It implies the gods are essentially humans.
(d) It implies she is not below or less than the gods.

Short Answer Questions

1. Psyche cannot even imagine hiding her plan from her husband because. . .

2. What, according to the Fox, is the whole art and joy of words?

3. What is the difference between Bardia's belief about Psyche's lover and the Fox's belief?

4. The god's words "you also shall be psyche" suggest what to Orual?

5. Orual's visit with Ansit reveals what?

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