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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Orual believes she and Ansit cannot be friends because. . .
(a) Ansit is uneducated and feels threated by Orual.
(b) Ansit is jealous of Orual's time with Bardia.
(c) Bardia loves Orual best.
(d) Ansit is poor and has no power.

2. Orual fantasizes helping out a weeping and penitent Psyche. Why?
(a) She believes Psyche is embarrassed and wants to apologize.
(b) She believes she can express her love by helping her wounded sister.
(c) She believes Psyche will never love her otherwise.
(d) She fears Psyche will never love her.

3. Orual "punishes" the Fox for what "sin?"
(a) He left her alone when she was afraid.
(b) He refused to help her with Psyche.
(c) He needed to go to sleep when she needed counsel.
(d) He grew ill when she needed protection from the King.

4. The fact that Orual does not see the beauty in the journey the second time suggests what?
(a) The place has changed since she visited first.
(b) She is not open to its beauty as she was before.
(c) Psyche's god has disguised the Mountain.
(d) Psyche's god will not allow her to see it.

5. That Orual's father reveals she is Ungit is an example of . . .
(a) hyperbole.
(b) point of View.
(c) allusion.
(d) irony.

6. Orual believes that she has proven what?
(a) Psyche deserves to be exiled.
(b) The gods hate her and want to punish her.
(c) Psyche never loved her.
(d) The gods do not exist.

7. What does Orual see in the faces of the people of Glome as they gathered in the streets?
(a) They disapprove of her, and find the fight distasteful.
(b) They truly believe in her as Queen.
(c) They seem hopeful for the first time in years.
(d) They do not care for her, only for a free show or an oddity.

8. To prepare Orual for killing a man, Bardia insists that she. . .
(a) kill a soldier.
(b) kill a cow.
(c) kill a slave.
(d) kill a pig.

9. Why is Trunia seeking refuge in Glome?
(a) He rebelled against his brother in Phars and was defeated.
(b) He rebelled against the King and wants to see him dead.
(c) He is the new King of Phars but is hated by the people.
(d) He wants to be King of Glome.

10. In the title Till We Have Faces, the "faces" are. . .
(a) our masks and veils.
(b) our true selves, or the words that lay at the center of our souls.
(c) our repeated complaints, and the demand for answers.
(d) our roles as Queens, Kings, Soldiers, Priests, for example.

11. What is ironic about the Fox's apology for attempting to manipulate her when he says that "Love is not a thing to be so used"?
(a) She has used her own love to manipulate Psyche.
(b) She has used her own love to manipulate the King.
(c) She has used her own love to manipulate the Fox.
(d) She has used her own love to manipulate Bardia.

12. What, according to the Fox, is the whole art and joy of words?
(a) To say the very thing you really mean
(b) To make your thoughts beautiful to the gods
(c) To say what the philosophers have taught us to say
(d) To say what others need to hear

13. What is Orual's plan to avoid war with Phars and still defeat Argan?
(a) She will use Trunia as bait for Argan, then kill them both.
(b) She will gather an army and storm Phars.
(c) She will challenge him herself to a single fight.
(d) She will send her armies to challenge Argan.

14. Why would Orual rather see her loved ones dead than have their love stolen from her?
(a) She believes she is being judged by her loved ones and cannot bear it.
(b) It is too painful to have their love taken from her while she is left with nothing.
(c) She would rather see them immortal than loving someone else.
(d) She is angry with her loved ones for leaving her to die.

15. As Orual considers the temple and its dwellers, she realizes what?
(a) The temple enriches the kingdom of Glome.
(b) The temple consumes people and things and gives nothing back.
(c) She has caused the temple to consume others.
(d) The temple is a refuge for lost souls.

Short Answer Questions

1. Orual's two strengths as Queen are:

2. Why does "queening" suit Orual so well?

3. Even though the King is not home to catch her, Orual slinks back into the palace because. . .

4. While Redival professes to grieve for the King and celebrate Orual's succession, she is primarily concerned that. . .

5. Orual offers Trunia lodging as a prisoner because

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