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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does "queening" suit Orual so well?
(a) She can control others' actions and decisions.
(b) She can concentrate wholly on her love for Bardia.
(c) She can be sure her subjects and slaves are loyal.
(d) She loses herself in her duties and forgets her sorrow over Psyche.

2. As Orual considers the temple and its dwellers, she realizes what?
(a) The temple is a refuge for lost souls.
(b) She has caused the temple to consume others.
(c) The temple consumes people and things and gives nothing back.
(d) The temple enriches the kingdom of Glome.

3. The gods cannot answer Orual's charge against them. Why?
(a) The gods refuse to acknowledge her.
(b) They have no answer.
(c) The answer is already before her.
(d) Humans cannot understand the answer.

4. Why is Trunia seeking refuge in Glome?
(a) He rebelled against his brother in Phars and was defeated.
(b) He rebelled against the King and wants to see him dead.
(c) He wants to be King of Glome.
(d) He is the new King of Phars but is hated by the people.

5. When the god says "You are also Psyche," this implies what?
(a) She and Psyche were twins.
(b) The god has sent her into exile.
(c) She is as meaningful to the god as Psyche is.
(d) She will suffer under the weight of many difficult tasks.

6. What is the difference between Bardia's belief about Psyche's lover and the Fox's belief?
(a) Bardia's belief is wrong, while the Fox's is correct.
(b) Bardia's belief rests on superstition while the Fox's rests on logic.
(c) Bardia's belief is religious, and the Fox's belief is based on Greek mythology.
(d) Bardia simply sees a need for revenge, and the Fox disagrees.

7. Orual expresses amazement that the people of Glome
(a) No longer beleive in the
(b) Seem depressed and aggitated on the Year's Birth.
(c) Rejoice at the
(d) Do not recognize her unveiled.

8. To prepare Orual for killing a man, Bardia insists that she. . .
(a) kill a slave.
(b) kill a soldier.
(c) kill a cow.
(d) kill a pig.

9. The rite of the Year's birth represents
(a) Man's
(b) The new priest's Greek philosophies.
(c) The end of Ungit's reign.
(d) Ungit's birth from earth.

10. When she leaves the castle, Orual's disguise consists of. . .
(a) going without her veil.
(b) a full suit of armor.
(c) the Fox's moth-eaten robe.
(d) wearing a hood and helmet.

11. What does Orual see in the faces of the people of Glome as they gathered in the streets?
(a) They seem hopeful for the first time in years.
(b) They disapprove of her, and find the fight distasteful.
(c) They do not care for her, only for a free show or an oddity.
(d) They truly believe in her as Queen.

12. Why does Orual not notice the death of her own father?
(a) The Fox distracts her by telling her a story.
(b) She thinks she hears Psyche crying outside.
(c) She and Bardia are busy discussing her armor.
(d) She is busy arranging the marriage of Redival and Trunia.

13. Who does the Queen vow to kill at the end of chapter 19?
(a) Orual
(b) Poobi
(c) The King
(d) Bardia

14. Orual compares the writing of her book to surgery. Why?
(a) It took her weeks to recover from writing it.
(b) The gods changed her through the process.
(c) She found every word of it painful.
(d) She was so meticulous and careful about every detail.

15. Orual fantasizes helping out a weeping and penitent Psyche. Why?
(a) She believes Psyche is embarrassed and wants to apologize.
(b) She believes she can express her love by helping her wounded sister.
(c) She believes Psyche will never love her otherwise.
(d) She fears Psyche will never love her.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is ironic about the Fox's apology for attempting to manipulate her when he says that "Love is not a thing to be so used"?

2. What effect does the King's accident have on Orual?

3. Why would Orual rather see her loved ones dead than have their love stolen from her?

4. Psyche's biggest fear for the King at the end of the chapter is. . .

5. When Orual reunites with Psyche, she realizes that everything that was or will be existed. . .

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