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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When does Orual first understand that she is ugly?
(a) When the priest insists she wear his bird mask.
(b) When the priest insists she wear a veil in front of him.
(c) When the King implies that her face will frighten his new bride.
(d) When the King tells her Redival is prettier.

2. What prevents Orual from following Psyche up the Mountain?
(a) The King has locked her in the tower.
(b) She is too weak from her beatings to follow.
(c) She is too angry at Psyche to follow.
(d) The temple girls prevent her from going.

3. To what does the Fox attribute the fact that the dangers and plagues disappeared from Glome when Psyche was sacrificed?
(a) Chance
(b) Changing of the wind
(c) Ungit's satisfaction
(d) Divine nature's forgiveness

4. What name does Psyche call Orual that she learned from the Fox?
(a) Ungit
(b) Redival
(c) Maia
(d) Aphrodite

5. Why does Orual feel "as if a soft, cold hand had been laid" on her left side when the Fox calls Psyche "prettier than Aphrodite herself"?
(a) She believes Pysche is cursed.
(b) She believes it is a bad omen to say such things about a god.
(c) She believes the divine nature has no envy.
(d) She believes they will anger the King of the Mountain.

6. In Orual's stubbornness and pride, she says she learns what through her argument with Psyche?
(a) She learns how one can hate those one loves.
(b) She learns that she does not have enough faith.
(c) She learns that Psyche does not love her anymore.
(d) She learns that she has been wrong to disagree with Psyche.

7. What happens to Tarin?
(a) The king makes him a eunuch and sells him.
(b) The king forces him to marry Orual.
(c) The king murders him on the spot.
(d) The king forces him to marry Redival.

8. Orual describes Bardia's statement that "If a man was blind and she weren't the King's daughter, she'd make him a good wife," as. . .
(a) a challenge to her honor.
(b) the nearest thing to a love-speech ever made to her.
(c) the cruellest thing anyone had ever said about her.
(d) a proposal of marriage.

9. After the birth of his daughter, the King threatens to. . .
(a) stab the Priest with a dagger.
(b) kill his favorite servant.
(c) drag Orual by the hair.
(d) smash Ungit into powder.

10. Why is Redival crying over the sacrifice of Psyche?
(a) She is afraid Orual will hang her by her thumbs.
(b) She is afraid of Ungit.
(c) She is afraid for Psyche.
(d) She fears they will sacrifice her too.

11. What does Orual call the greatest shame of her life?
(a) The king's suggestion that Psyche be sacrificed.
(b) The king's suggestion that Orual be sacrificed.
(c) The king's insistence that he be sacrificed.
(d) The king's relief when he hears someone else is to be sacrificed.

12. Psyche serves Orual:
(a) Meat and wine
(b) Berries and milk
(c) Berries and water
(d) Bread and water

13. Bardia offers to accompany Orual up the Mountain. Why?
(a) He wants to prevent her from burying Psyche.
(b) Orual has threatened to turn him over to the King if he does not.
(c) The King has asked Bardia to watch over Orual.
(d) He wants to assure her safety and help her in an honorable task.

14. Why does Orual not share her vision with the Fox when she relays the meeting with Psyche?
(a) She knows the Fox has heard the story before.
(b) She knows the Fox would demand to see it himself.
(c) She knows the Fox would think Psyche had convinced her of the story.
(d) She knows the Fox would dismiss it and make her feel ashamed.

15. Why does the palace fade before Orual's eyes?
(a) She calls out for Bardia, and the vision disappears
(b) She calls out for Psyche to leave the palace.
(c) She begins to doubt she sees it, and it disappears.
(d) She is afraid of the vision, so it disappears.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the King do when Orual offers to sacrifice herself in place of Psyche?

2. Orual is comforted by the fire and food at her camp with Bardia. Why?

3. Istra's Greek name is

4. Orual feels an urgency to escape the Mountain. Why?

5. When Bardia suggests they sleep back to back to ward off the cold, Orual. . .

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