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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the Fox's story of Aphrodite and Anchises, why does Aphrodite have to "dim her glory?"
(a) The lions, lynxes, and bears followed her down the mountain.
(b) Anchises is a god and wants to love a mortal.
(c) The goddess Ida would be terribly jealous of her.
(d) She is a goddess and wants to beguile a mortal.

2. Why does Redival feel she will no longer attract men's attention on her walks to the temple?
(a) No one dares to talk to the king's daughters.
(b) The men have all seen Istra's superior beauty.
(c) She has become as ugly as Orual.
(d) People believe she carries the fever.

3. What thoughts has Orual repeated about the gods throughout the story?
(a) The gods are good and kindly.
(b) The gods are neutral and unemotional.
(c) The gods are vile and cruel.
(d) The gods want vengeance and blood.

4. What is the thing Psyche felt most ashamed of during her first visit to the palace?
(a) She was ashamed of surviving the sacrifice.
(b) She was ashamed of being mortal.
(c) She was ashamed of leaving her family behind.
(d) She was ashamed of seeing a god.

5. Why is the KIng not moved by the Fox's story of a Greek king who killed his daughter, and was then punished by the gods?
(a) He thinks the Fox invented the story.
(b) He thinks the gods would never punish a king.
(c) He has no daughters.
(d) He thinks he has no one to murder him as the Greek king was murdered.

6. The King does not believe Orual loves Psyche because. . .
(a) Orual and Psyche are only half-sisters.
(b) Psyche is Orual's step-daughter.
(c) Redival is Psyche's daughter.
(d) Psyche is Redival's daughter.

7. What do the grateful citizens of Glome do for Psyche that concerns Orual?
(a) They build her an altar in the Temple of Ungit.
(b) They make ritual sacrifices at her marriage.
(c) They leave offerings for her that are supposed to be special to Ungit.
(d) They compare her to Aphrodite and Helen.

8. What sacrifice does the Priest say Ungit demands?
(a) They must make an offering of bulls and rams.
(b) They must kill the Accursed in an offering.
(c) They must kill the Brute.
(d) They must kill the men of Essur.

9. How does Orual attempt to overcome Bardia?
(a) She begs him until he relents.
(b) She fights him with a sword.
(c) She brings slaves to help her.
(d) She threatens to turn him over to the King.

10. What does Orual call the greatest shame of her life?
(a) The king's insistence that he be sacrificed.
(b) The king's relief when he hears someone else is to be sacrificed.
(c) The king's suggestion that Orual be sacrificed.
(d) The king's suggestion that Psyche be sacrificed.

11. What does Redival want in exchange for her secrecy about Psyche's worship by the people?
(a) Her mother's necklace and a king for a husband
(b) To worship at the house of Ungit
(c) Freedom from the kingdom and Pysche's loyalty
(d) Her own home and to marry Tarin

12. Psyche's refusal to leave the Mountain arises chiefly from what reason?
(a) She is angry at Orual.
(b) She is too proud to take orders from Orual anymore.
(c) She must obey her husband, and stay in her new home?
(d) She is mad and unable to make rational decisions.

13. Why does Psyche believe men behave in an evil way?
(a) They do not know what is good from what is bad.
(b) They are all evil at heart.
(c) They are to be pitied.
(d) They are basically good, but choose to do bad for fun.

14. Bardia offers to accompany Orual up the Mountain. Why?
(a) The King has asked Bardia to watch over Orual.
(b) He wants to assure her safety and help her in an honorable task.
(c) Orual has threatened to turn him over to the King if he does not.
(d) He wants to prevent her from burying Psyche.

15. What is Psyche's one true fear about the sacrifice on the Mountain?
(a) She fears the people will attach her.
(b) She fears Ungit will have her revenge.
(c) She fears the god of Grey Mountain will take her.
(d) She fears she will be left to starve or be eaten by animals.

Short Answer Questions

1. On their return home, Bardia expresses what opinion on the subject of Psyche's lover?

2. Psyche believes the gods may not truly be cruel because. . .

3. Who stands guard before Psyche's room?

4. Why does the palace fade before Orual's eyes?

5. What name does Psyche call Orual that she learned from the Fox?

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