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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Istra's Greek name is
(a) Aphrodite
(b) Ungit
(c) Psyche
(d) Helen

2. What promise does Psyche extract from Orual?
(a) Orual will not do anything drastic or outrageous.
(b) Orual will murder the King.
(c) Orual will never think of Psyche again.
(d) Orual will avenge Psyche's murder.

3. Orual's comparison of the Priest to a vulture foreshadows
(a) A war
(b) A death
(c) A battle with the king
(d) A plague of birds

4. In the Fox's story of Aphrodite and Anchises, why does Aphrodite have to "dim her glory?"
(a) The goddess Ida would be terribly jealous of her.
(b) The lions, lynxes, and bears followed her down the mountain.
(c) Anchises is a god and wants to love a mortal.
(d) She is a goddess and wants to beguile a mortal.

5. What does the King do when Orual offers to sacrifice herself in place of Psyche?
(a) He shows her her own image in the mirror.
(b) He forces her out of the Pillar Room.
(c) He beats her again.
(d) He accepts.

6. Which of the following is not a way in which Glome suffered?
(a) Plagues of locusts came.
(b) Lions came and ate all the sheep.
(c) The cattle and bees died.
(d) The river dried and the fish died.

7. What name have the people begun to call Psyche?
(a) The Accused
(b) The Goddess
(c) The Accuser
(d) The Accursed

8. To what does the Fox attribute the fact that the dangers and plagues disappeared from Glome when Psyche was sacrificed?
(a) Changing of the wind
(b) Ungit's satisfaction
(c) Chance
(d) Divine nature's forgiveness

9. Why does the mob return to the palace a second time?
(a) They want the king to have a son.
(b) They believe Psyche caused the fever.
(c) They want to curse the king.
(d) They are starving.

10. Psyche's refusal to leave the Mountain arises chiefly from what reason?
(a) She must obey her husband, and stay in her new home?
(b) She is mad and unable to make rational decisions.
(c) She is angry at Orual.
(d) She is too proud to take orders from Orual anymore.

11. The fact that Orual cannot see the Psyche's palace implies that. . .
(a) Orual does not have the faith that is required to see it.
(b) Orual does not want to believe in gods.
(c) Psyche is trying to deceive Orual.
(d) Psyche cannot see the palace either.

12. When Psyche learns that Orual cannot see her palace at all, she expresses. . .
(a) superiority and arrogance.
(b) anger and regret.
(c) sadness and pity.
(d) delight and satisfaction.

13. What proof does Batta offer that the people have stopped worshiping Psyche?
(a) The people believe she spread the plague by touching them.
(b) The people believe she has starved them.
(c) The people believe she will smite them with thunder.
(d) The people are shocked to see her walk the streets alone.

14. Which of the following solutions does the Fox offer the King when faced with the sacrifice of Psyche?
(a) Sacrifice his wealth and kingdom to another king for help
(b) Trick the Priest
(c) Offer the gods all his wealth and kingdom
(d) Offer his son instead

15. Who stands guard before Psyche's room?
(a) The Fox
(b) Ungit
(c) Bardia
(d) The Priest

Short Answer Questions

1. The Fox is told to tutor the girls for which of the following reasons?

2. Why has Redival become suddenly pious?

3. What potential problem is rising between Redival and Psyche?

4. What thoughts has Orual repeated about the gods throughout the story?

5. What news does the King deliver to his daughters and the Fox while they are studying?

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