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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Orual begins her story on the day. . .
(a) the prince was born.
(b) her mother died.
(c) Psyche was born.
(d) her stepmother came to them.

2. What proof does Batta offer that the people have stopped worshiping Psyche?
(a) The people are shocked to see her walk the streets alone.
(b) The people believe she spread the plague by touching them.
(c) The people believe she has starved them.
(d) The people believe she will smite them with thunder.

3. After the birth of his daughter, the King threatens to. . .
(a) stab the Priest with a dagger.
(b) smash Ungit into powder.
(c) drag Orual by the hair.
(d) kill his favorite servant.

4. What happens to Tarin?
(a) The king murders him on the spot.
(b) The king forces him to marry Orual.
(c) The king forces him to marry Redival.
(d) The king makes him a eunuch and sells him.

5. What does the King do when Orual offers to sacrifice herself in place of Psyche?
(a) He forces her out of the Pillar Room.
(b) He beats her again.
(c) He accepts.
(d) He shows her her own image in the mirror.

6. Orual describes Psyche's youth as her own "best times" for which reason?
(a) Orual and the Fox took Psyche away from Glome.
(b) Batta became a grandmother to Psyche.
(c) Orual, Psyche, and the Fox loved and raised Psyche.
(d) Psyche is as beautiful as a goddess.

7. The citizens of Glome believe in which gods?
(a) Ungit and the river god Shennit
(b) Ungit and Aphrodite
(c) Ungit and Anchises
(d) Ungit and the god of the Grey Mountain

8. Orual believes Psyche's tale of her rescue is . . .
(a) a lie.
(b) a dream.
(c) a result of head injury.
(d) a wish.

9. Psyche believes the gods may not truly be cruel because. . .
(a) humans cannot understand what gods do.
(b) humans are both good and evil.
(c) humans are cruel themselves.
(d) humans cause the gods to act cruelly.

10. What has changed about the King since he beat Orual in chapter 5?
(a) He has left the kingdom.
(b) He is gentler and ashamed.
(c) He is more determined to punish the Priest.
(d) He is more cruel than before.

11. Psyche serves Orual:
(a) Meat and wine
(b) Berries and milk
(c) Berries and water
(d) Bread and water

12. What does Psyche say that unintentionally wounds Orual?
(a) Psyche tells Orual she is too tired to discuss the situation.
(b) Psyche tells Orual she looks just like their father.
(c) Psyche tells Orual she is not faithful enough to understand the situation.
(d) Psyche tells there is something bad coming toward them.

13. Why does Orual not recognize Psyche in the procession?
(a) Psyche is dressed up as a temple girl.
(b) Psyche is behind the Priest.
(c) Psyche is not in the procession.
(d) Orual is not permitted to watch the procession.

14. Before the King can banish the Fox to the mines, what event intercedes?
(a) The Fox poisons himself.
(b) Messengers from Phars arrive to meet with the King.
(c) Orual and the Fox run away.
(d) Messenger from Caphad declares war.

15. When Psyche suggests her god might be able to make Orual see and understand her situation, how does Orual respond?
(a) She challenges the god to make her see.
(b) She says she hates it and does not want to understand it.
(c) She agrees.
(d) She begs Psyche to admit she cannot see it either.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why will the King not hear the Fox's solutions?

2. In the Fox's story of Aphrodite and Anchises, why does Aphrodite have to "dim her glory?"

3. Orual denies the feeling of elation rising in her at the beauty of nature. Why?

4. What does Bardia make Orual swear to before he lets her into Psyche's chamber?

5. Who stands guard before Psyche's room?

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