Till We Have Faces Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe Orual's childhood.

She loses her mother early, is treated cruelly by her father, and finally finds a friend in her tutor, the Fox. She is considered ugly by all and mistreated by Batta, a slave and caretaker for the children.

2. Orual claims she writes her book for what reason?

She is recording her complaint against the god of the Grey Mountain. She hopes that some day wise Greek men will read it and judge whether she or the god have acted rightly.

3. Describe the Fox's personality.

He is wise and gentle, treats Orual kindly, and talks fondly of his native Greece. He believes in nature over superstition and calls stories of the gods "poetry and lies."

4. What kind of relationship does Orual have with her father?

He is cruel, insensitive, controlling, and distant. He believes Orual is ugly and treats her as though she were worthless.

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