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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1, Chapter 19.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Psyche believe men behave in an evil way?
(a) They are to be pitied.
(b) They are all evil at heart.
(c) They do not know what is good from what is bad.
(d) They are basically good, but choose to do bad for fun.

2. What name does Psyche call Orual that she learned from the Fox?
(a) Aphrodite
(b) Redival
(c) Ungit
(d) Maia

3. What is ironic about Psyche's treatment of Orual when she sees Orual's bruises?
(a) She does not want Orual to visit her.
(b) She is as cruel as the King.
(c) She insists that Orual take her place in the sacrifice.
(d) She begins to comfort Orual as though Orual were the victim.

4. The Fox's decree that Justice, Equality, the Soul, musical note, things behind our backs, and things too far away to be seen suggests that he is ruled by . . .
(a) religious beliefs.
(b) superstition.
(c) fear.
(d) logic.

5. The Fox suggests Pscyhe's lover is. . .
(a) a vagabond, madman, outlaw, or thief.
(b) Bardia.
(c) the Priest of Ungit.
(d) a figment of her imagination.

Short Answer Questions

1. What emotion does Orual express most when discussing their father, the King?

2. Orual accuses Psyche of becoming cruel like the gods because. . .

3. What does Orual see in the faces of the people of Glome as they gathered in the streets?

4. Why does Orual not share her vision with the Fox when she relays the meeting with Psyche?

5. What is Psyche's one true fear about the sacrifice on the Mountain?

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