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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1, Chapter 19.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Psyche expresses fear, Orual feels relief because. . .
(a) she has come to make Psyche afraid.
(b) she does not want to be alone in her fear.
(c) she has come to comfort Psyche.
(d) she believes Psyche is insane.

2. Psyche believes the Fox is wrong about the gods because. . .
(a) he only believes in Greek gods.
(b) he is too religious.
(c) he is angry at the gods.
(d) he doesn't have the whole truth.

3. Why does the Fox not believe a god would take Psyche for his bride?
(a) The universe, or Divine Nature, still wants revenge for Psyche's blasphemy.
(b) The Divine Nature would forbid it.
(c) Gods and humans detest each other.
(d) The universe, or Divine Nature, does not have human inclinations.

4. What name does Psyche call Orual that she learned from the Fox?
(a) Redival
(b) Ungit
(c) Aphrodite
(d) Maia

5. When Orual grows angry at Psyche's attitude, Psyche responds by
(a) continuing to explain her own excitement and longing.
(b) insisting that Orual leave until she reconsiders her position.
(c) refusing to hear anything more from Orual.
(d) growing angry in response.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Bardia insists that Orual should not fight in her mask, she . .

2. Orual wins the battle because

3. What is Psyche's one true fear about the sacrifice on the Mountain?

4. What thought is unexpectedly bothering Orual?

5. What thoughts does Orual repress when resolving to save Psyche?

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