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The small, impoverished kingdom located near the Shennit River in which most of the action of Till We Have Faces takes place.


This city is sinking when its king offers his third daughter to the widowed northern King Trom in marriage to seal an alliance.

The Great Offering

A ritual of human sacrifice occasionally (rarely) demanded by the goddess Ungit to end her wrath against Glome.

The Greeklands

The Fox's homeland is, to Queen Orual's mind, a place of wisdom appreciating freedom of speech, history, art, philosophy, language, and literature.

Grey Mountain

The rugged highlands lying south of the Shennit River, this is the domain of the son of Ungit, the god who hates Orual.

Holy House of Ungit

In the fields across the Shennit River from Glome, with its ancient stone walls patched with brick and roofed in thatch, this resembles a huge slug lying...

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