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Lesson 1 (from Part 1, Chapter 1)


Students will understand the purpose of allegory and attempt to use it as a tool to communicate an idea to their classmates.


1) Along with the class, create a list of popular allegories including literature, television, music, and movies. Examples might be Greek Gods, the novel Animal Farm, the book The Wizard of Oz, the novel Brave New World, for example. Discuss the similarities and differences among these allegories and Till We Have Faces.

2) Have students create allegories around popular personalities or events, including celebrities and occasions of national or global interest. For example, students might retell a story about the world's concern over global warming using aliens as characters concerned about the spread of the human population.

3) Have students in groups recreate the Cupid and Psyche myth using popular contemporary figures. They will perform their allegories in skits for the class, explaining their decisions at...

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