Till We Have Faces Character Descriptions

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Orual (Maia)

The eldest daughter and successor of the King of Glome, this "ugly" character finally learns the gods are real and powerful beyond words.

Lysias (The Fox)

A learned Greek sold to the widowed King Trom of Glome, this character grows close to Orual, and she calls him "Grandfather."

Istra / Psyche

This supremely beautiful character, half-sister to Orual, is sacrificed to the god on Grey Mountain.


The honest captain of the palace guards, this character is a big, kindly man several years older than Orual, who insists on being her guide and protector.

King Trom

The gruff, unfeeling, and cruel father to Orual and Redival, who acquiesces when the Priest of Ungit identifies Psyche as the Accursed to serve in the Great Offering.


The third-born son of the King of Phars, this chauvinistic character is challenged to a duel by Orual and killed with a...

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