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Part 1, Chapter 1

• Orual, aged Queen of Glome, describes her forthcoming tale as a complaint against the gods, and hopes it will be judged eventually by wise men.

• On the day of her mother's death, Orual and her sister Redival have their heads shaved, and Batta, the slave assures them they will have a new stepmother.

• The King of Glome brings the girls a slave named the Fox who will tutor them until the King can produce a son.

• The Fox warms to Orual, but not to selfish Redival, and she finds him a friend and support.

• The King tells the girls and the Fox he will remarry.

• The King demands the Fox teach the girls a Greek hymn for the wedding.
• The Priest of Ungit suggests that the singing girls be veiled, implying Orual's ugliness.

• On the wedding day, the stepmother arrives, small and terrified, and Orual learns...

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