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Short Answer Questions

1. Before her first day of school after the funeral, what does Davey eat for breakfast?

2. Who asks many questions?

3. Where does Davey go after her night with Jane, alone?

4. What festival do Davey and her family attend?

5. How many days of school does Davey miss?

Short Essay Questions

1. What obstacles lie in Davey's path to recovery?

2. In Davey's mind, what is the cause of hate?

3. What triggers Davey's memories of her father when she has first arrived in New Mexico?

4. How does Davey feel about alcohol?

5. How does Davey alienate Jason?

6. How does Davey feel about death in comparison to Jason?

7. In Atlantic City, how is Davey deteriorating both physically and emotionally?

8. How is imagery used in Chapter 23 to demonstrate Davey's emotional strain?

9. How does Davey show that she wants closeness and intimacy?

10. Why does Davey get angry with Jane after their night out with the boys?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How are Davey and Wolf alike? How are they different? Why do they have such a profound connection?

Essay Topic 2

How is realism an important part of Tiger Eyes? What purpose do realistic elements include?

Essay Topic 3

Why is Davey's first-person perspective important in developing the story?

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